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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Modern Home Services Consumer

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The Internet has changed the home services industry forever. In the 1990s, a simple ad in the Yellow Pages could deliver new customers with consistency to a home services business—today, the Yellow Pages hardly exist.

In our 2019 State of Internet Marketing book, we take a look at how much things have changed in-home services marketing, what advancements in technology mean for the future of the industry, and the actions you can take right now to get ahead of your competition.

In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of the first chapter…

Meet the modern consumer

Twenty years ago, being the local plumber meant a steady stream of business was virtually guaranteed.

In 2019, that guarantee no longer exists.

With a few swipes on a smartphone, homeowners can look at any number of local plumbers side by side.

Instead of just settling for “the plumber they know”, consumers are seeking out the best.

The plumber with the best website.

The plumber with the best online reviews.

The plumber who can offer the best discount or deal.

The bottom line? Homeowners are pickier and more demanding because they know another plumber is just a quick Google search away.

The consumer journey has changed

Customers want to know everything about a home services business before they pick up the phone and request a quote.

They want to read positive reviews from previous customers.

They want to be able to read a clear list of services and prices.

They want to see pictures of the home services professionals and trucks that will be coming to their home.

This means any home services businesses that want to thrive (let alone, survive) in the years ahead needs to invest in the development of a modern website and a strong digital presence.

Your consumers are thinking differently

Amazon is replacing department stores overnight.

Netflix is transforming the entertainment industry.

Uber is quickly putting taxi companies out of business.

Why? Because consumers want convenience.

Smartphones have made a shopping anywhere, anytime experience, and that includes shopping for home services businesses.

Adapting to this “anywhere, anytime” customer behavior is critically important for plumbers, electricians, and every other kind of home services professional out there.

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