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How To Improve Your Creative Marketing Assets for Home Services

Improve your creative assets for your home services company.

Digital marketing assets are your brand’s brick-and-mortar. Fueled by rising online marketing costs — up 9.5% in 2022, according to a Gartner survey — successful asset management has only grown in importance, and the trend isn’t likely to end soon. Home services companies must rein in their brand assets to keep inflating content marketing budgets under control.

Marketing asset management is key. With it, home services companies can group all of their marketing collateral together in one easily accessible place. More than just a way to organize files, asset management gives you the power to find and deploy assets at a moment’s notice — whenever or wherever needed. 

You only have a few seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention. Read on to learn how effective marketing and digital asset management helps marketing teams achieve that. 

Marketing Assets & Your Brand

Marketing departments must build consistent brands that resonate with target audiences across multiple social media channels. Brand consistency allows customers to recognize you wherever they see you online. Even if you use entirely different marketing materials like email campaigns, infographics, or blog posts, they’ll still know you by your branding. 

That’s vital for a successful marketing campaign. Over 70% of Americans are active on social media, but they’re spread across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. By unifying your marketing assets into a single cohesive unit, you can: 

  • Extend your company’s reach across every major platform your customers frequent. 
  • Generate custom-made marketing assets for each audience your home services business needs to reach. 
  • Repurpose existing marketing assets for a new crowd, giving your winning campaigns a fresh start on a new stage. 

Many businesses use brand bibles to outline their values, mission goals, and company identity. But as they extend their marketing efforts into newer and more complex markets, they all too easily lose track of their original purpose. That can cause them to stray from what made them great in the first place and, in the worst-case scenario, start losing leads and market share. 

Marketing asset management centralizes the company’s digital content down to a single point. That collection of past accomplishments will remind you whenever you need to remember who you are or what you’re doing. And those assets will provide a constant source of inspiration for renewed content creation. 

Your content marketing strategy can never stand still. Just as a garden demands regular inspection, watering, and pruning, brand awareness needs regular care too. By working with marketing asset management tools, your teams can coordinate their marketing efforts to keep you at the top of your prospects’ minds on any marketing channel.

Why Does Marketing Collateral Matter So Much?

Home services brands speak to their customers through their marketing collateral. When you have any brand voice at all, marketing materials are like the words whispered into your customers’ waiting ears. They’re the very medium through which customers encounter your company, so their selection and delivery are indispensable tools for your business's prosperity. 

Small businesses especially need a tight marketing budget where nothing goes to waste. With limited resources, smaller budgets, and fewer workers, they need to make more with less if they want to outlast their competitors. But how can they invigorate their content strategy with such limited capacity? 

Ensuring every single marketing asset has a direct purpose — and that it hits its target audience exactly — is the only way forward for marketers. They need to use relevant adverts that speak to customer desires. 

And marketers must move customers to action, whether scheduling a home services appointment, registering for a newsletter, following the company’s social media account, or some other meaningful interaction. The right marketing assets, carefully chosen and released at the right moment, can literally work wonders. They can: 

  • Advance your sales team goals beyond anything you thought possible. 
  • Provide the fuel for marketing automation that streamlines your workflows and binds you more closely than ever to your customers. 
  • Rearm and reposition your marketing strategy to convey a unique message for each new campaign you put out. 

How To Create Great Marketing Assets

Creating stellar marketing assets is a matter of knowing what your customers want. Plan your home services marketing campaigns in a way that generates customer feedback. Instead of working blind, use performance cookies and other tracking tools to learn how leads respond to your digital marketing content. Free platforms like Google Analytics are also great for knowing how leads use your website. 

Once you know how leads respond to different marketing assets, organize them accordingly. Marketing asset management tools like Canto and others make it easy to arrange brand assets by unique customer segments: geography, age, lifestyle, etc. With these platforms' simple drag-and-drop toolkits, you can quickly customize your marketing assets and campaigns. 

These platforms offer: 

  • Enhanced functionality for content repurposing. Why only use a great asset once? 
  • Upgraded social media profiling. Know the audience you’re trying to reach and which assets in your collection can reach them best. 
  • Simple integrations with other common workplace tools like Dropbox or Salesforce to improve your company’s workflow. 

Asset management also helps you comply with data protection regulations. Driven by growing interest in privacy worldwide, more companies are integrating preference centers into their marketing, enabling customers to decide for themselves what marketing to receive. Using asset management, you can implement a privacy preference center for those customers who opt in or out of different levels of marketing.

Quality Asset Management at Your Fingertips 

Attention is critical online. As you contemplate what asset to deploy, potential leads slip through your fingers to no purpose. It’s possible to do better; modernizing your marketing materials through superior asset management is the way forward. 

The experts at Scorpion have many years of experience working with asset management. We know how to repurpose your best-performing marketing assets for a new audience, saving you time and money in the process. Tap into the expertise of one of our team members today to get started.

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