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Facebook Is Now a Major Mobile Browser & Here’s What It Means for Home Services Providers

Facebook ad on a mobile phone.

With 2.3 billion active users and affordable advertising options, Facebook is a premium advertising channel for home services businesses looking to expand their brand through social media.

But new data from TechCrunch suggests that Facebook will be playing an even greater role in home services advertising (and advertising in general) in the years ahead:

Facebook has become a major mobile browser in the United States.

While Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome still account for the majority of mobile traffic in the United States—58% and 33% respectively—Facebook (10%) is steadily gaining ground as more users consume web content through the company’s in-app browser.

Why the trend is good news for advertisers

By forcing Facebook app users to access the Internet through the company’s own web browser (instead of more popular browsers like Safari or Chrome), the social media giant is accomplishing two things:

Improved ad targeting

Facebook watches every move its users make through its in-app browser.

In doing so, the company can collect a huge amount of information on each of its users, including personal interests, recent purchases, Internet searches, location history, and more.

By collecting this information, Facebook is better able to offer business owners (like you) hyper-targeted advertising options that make it easier to put ads directly in front of the exact type of customer they want to reach.

More advertising space

By developing its own browser and mandating that Facebook app users view linked content through a said browser, Facebook has effectively increased its advertising real estate—real estate that your home services business can capitalize on.

What does this mean for your home services business?

Even before becoming a major mobile browser, Facebook was already an incredible advertising platform for home services professionals.

But by becoming a major mobile browser, Facebook has made itself THAT much more powerful of an advertising tool.

The browser feature not only allows for more targeted advertising (something Facebook has always been exceptional at) but it also allows for innovative new ways of direct and indirect advertising (like Instant Articles).

Facebook helps build awareness

You need your business to be seen online by people in your community, plain and simple.

Use Facebook Ads to amplify your business’ reach and get exposure to homeowners looking for a professional like you.

Facebook will not only bring more eyeballs to your company, but it will improve your appearance in the local community—the more people see your brand on Facebook, the more they will come to recognize your home services business as a trustworthy authority.

Facebook is still a great value.

Compared to other digital advertising channels (namely Google), Facebook advertising is still incredibly affordable (the average cost-per-click for a Facebook Ad is low, hovering around $1.10 a click on average).

For home services businesses short on advertising funds, the affordability of Facebook Ads is ideal—for only a few hundred dollars a month, a home services professional like you can advertise their brand to a highly-targeted group of homeowners in (or near) their community.

Facebook offers the best targeting in the business

Speaking of targeting, as we’ve already mentioned, Facebook’s knack for hyper-focused ad targeting is a huge benefit to any home services business owner.

If you’re an HVAC provider working out of Milwaukee, WI, and you want to create an advertising campaign that exclusively targets single-family homeowners living in one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods (like the Historic Third Ward or Mack Acres), you can do it with ease.

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