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Booming Wages: An Upside to Post-Pandemic Plumbing

Several hundred dollar bills and a wrench

There’s never been a better time to be a plumber. Really!

With the national economy bouncing back from the challenges of COVID-19, many industries are seeing big changes—and incredibly high demand from the public. In fact, studies show that the need for plumbers throughout the country is higher than ever. This trend allows every plumber the opportunity to stay busy and start earning some serious money.

The reason for this uptick? Simple supply and demand.

There’s currently a shortage of experienced, working technicians throughout the home services industry—including plumbers—which means that a limited number of professionals are being called upon to serve ever-greater numbers of customers. This is driving up the average pay rate for plumbing services.

To put it in perspective, The National Homebuilder’s Association’s Spring 2021 Construction Market Report determined there was a 55% shortage of plumbers nationwide—as a result, the going rates for typical plumbing jobs are higher than usual.

In particular, those working in the Midwest are seeing especially lucrative revenue streams.

This reality creates a compelling incentive for those who might not have been interested in the trades before. The primary thing that business owners still need to focus on is creating awareness of the opportunities for someone embarking on a career as a plumber.

So, with so much potential for financial success and growth in the plumbing market these days, it’s crucial to keep updated on industry trends that can help guide your business decisions. That’s why Scorpion is here to help maximize your marketing, better serve your customers, and make it to that next level of success.

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