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3 Ways Small Business AI Can Help You

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Rebecca Riserbato

Artificial Intelligence (AI) recently generated a media frenzy with the release of ChatGPT from Open AI. Google rushed out its Bard version, and Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into the Bing browser.  

So how can small business AI benefit you?

SEO, customer communication, and content creation are three critical tasks small business owners and managers struggle to find time for. Small business AI opens up exciting production boosters in all three areas, but some limitations remain. 

Let’s explore how you can use small business AI to perform complex chores that used to rely solely on human intelligence. Combined with your human touch, you can use these tools to give you a competitive edge over your competitors that remains personal to your community and true to your unique brand image. 

Small Business AI Boosts Your SEO

AI can automate and streamline time-intensive SEO chores, like keyword research, link building, and performance analysis. With this, you can cultivate a flow of visitors who intend to buy your services.

How AI helps with Keyword Research

AI can analyze large keyword data sets to determine user intent and search demand and find matching keyword opportunities. This makes it easier for buyers to find your business who are actively searching for what you have. 

Using AI, you can quickly identify underutilized site content and the long-tail keywords niche searchers use. You can then use AI to create new content pages around those keyword phrases so that you capture the traffic generated by niche queries. 

Although niche keywords often have low search volume, they also have low competition, which makes them easy to rank for. Plus, visitors using them often have the intent to buy.

AI can also optimize your existing content by implementing improvements it discovers through analyzing best practices, user feedback, and your competitors.

How AI Helps with Link Building

After keywords, search engines give links the most weight in SEO ranking factors. There are three kinds of links: 

  • Internal links link between pages and posts on your website. These guide visitors and search engines to relevant content.
  • Outbound links on your site send visitors to other sites. Links to good, high-authority sites in your niche put your site in good standing with search engines and readers.
  • Inbound links from other sites send traffic to your site. These links give you authority that brings higher ranking and more visitors.

Link building can be time-consuming and challenging, but AI can help with most of it. AI can analyze your site for internal and outbound linking to find the best places to build links and then insert them for you.

For inbound link building, AI can find sites related to your niche that are likely to link to your content and create emails to send to those prospects.

What AI cannot do is replace the essential relationship-building skills necessary to motivate other website owners to link to your content. That's where your human touch comes in to build out your network.

How AI Can Help with Performance Analysis

It’s in performance analysis that AI really shines. It can take care of critical SEO drudgery like optimizing:

  • Meta tags
  • Link descriptions
  • Alt text for images
  • Site maps
  • Site audits

Using techniques like semantic analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning, AI can optimize your site for a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

The good news is that you don’t have to learn any of these terms. Ranking.AI from Scorpion takes the work out of SEO. It helps your site rank higher and faster for the keywords your customers are searching for. You get the traffic you need without the hard work.

Make Customers Happier with Enhanced Communication

Automated customer communications have been brought into a whole new world with tools like our AI Chat. Your chatbot can now generate coherent, natural responses personalized for each user. You can move away from frustrating, canned responses that aren’t actually helpful. 

You can set up smart AI chatbots that communicate fluently and engagingly with humans to: 

  • Create personalized and highly relevant responses that match customers’ preferences and needs.
  • Give customers fast, accurate answers to questions or requests.
  • Create catchy messages that attract and retain customer attention.
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations based on customer behavior and their profile.
  • Handle complex questions or situations professionally and with empathy.

Small business AI is only beginning to explore the possibilities. And some of the new abilities chatbot AI functionality makes available include: 

  • Bots can search the web for information that can answer any question, including FAQs.
  • Use safety mechanisms that govern answers. This can limit the information you provide.
  • Customizable instructions and prompts guide the bot’s output. This teaches customers how your products or services can change their lives.
  • Creativity allows the bot to generate lyrics, poems, stories, and even code. This keeps visitor interest strong.

If you need to communicate with customers in different languages, machine translation is now instant and accurate. ChatGPT can even translate legal and medical terminology into commonly used terms so that everyone can understand it.

Because chatbot technology is incredibly efficient at searching data and generating answers based on your intent, you can create virtual assistants to help professionals perform their tasks. 

Conversational AI in healthcare can analyze patient data and suggest options for treatment and diagnosis. In the legal profession, a virtual assistant could do research quickly and offer legal strategies and options.

In customer service and technical support, ChatGPT-4 can provide detailed explanations or precise answers to complex written or spoken questions. 

Scorpion’s Communications Suite brings all your customer communications together into one place, enabling you to respond quickly and efficiently to everyone on any device or platform. 

Your customers will be happy contacting you through the medium of their choice — calling, texting, chatting, and appointment booking all work seamlessly whether you’re in the office or on mobile.

Speed Up Content Creation

Small business AI applications in content creation can make everyone more productive. Advances in writing long-form content, crafting attention-grabbing social media posts and emails, and generating striking images have the content creation world ablaze with excitement.

How AI Aids Writing Sales Pages, Blog Posts, and Ebooks

Copyrighting is an art that requires creativity, empathy, and a deep understanding of your audience — what keeps them awake at night and the benefits that motivate them.

Written content that AI tools generate at the click of a button is authoritative, engaging, and grammatically correct. However, on closer examination, it may contain a lot of fluff instead of engaging your readers emotionally and presenting the concrete, factual information people and search engines love.

AI can be of great value to content creators by speeding up the ideation, research, and outline phases of writing; it can create a list of ideas for any topic in seconds. 

After writers pick their projects’ ideas, AI can quickly create keyword-based content. Then human writers can rewrite to insert and interpret facts and statistics, increasing value, authority, and originality.

After you’ve finished writing, AI can edit your text at the click of a button, or you can have it display suggestions so you can edit to your satisfaction.

AI can also summarize long or complex text and generate a more readable, human-like translation. This is useful for gathering insights and analysis from large documents. You can appear as an authoritative thought leader without investing the time to plow through an entire research document. 

AI Helps Create Attention-Grabbing Posts and Emails

You can put ChatGPT to work to create an engaging, perfectly polished piece of content you can be proud of, whether you are still in the idea stage for your post or email or already have a rough draft or outline. 

AI can suggest subject lines and headlines, write the body, and craft a call to action with your guidance. Be sure to fact-check the content for accuracy and insert personal comments in emails to maintain ingenuity.

Stunning AI-Created Images Get Noticed

You can quickly create eye-catching artistic or entertaining images like portraits, landscapes, or logos by entering a few words of text describing what you want.

You and your users can: 

  • Improve existing images.
  • Explore new forms of creativity and expression by experimenting with different themes, styles, and scenarios.
  • Generate personalized images like avatars, facial expressions, or emotions for improved user interaction.

Using AI-generated images can reduce the need for human activity while expanding the range and variety of images you can use to interact with your audience.

Scorpion’s marketing team can create a content strategy and calendar to take care of all your content needs for your website and social media sites. You’ll get fresh, original content created with your individual brand message that builds the image you need to attract and engage the right people. 

Small Business AI Is Exciting

AI can give home improvement specialists and medical and legal professionals more time to help their clients while improving your marketing efforts. 

Small business AI helps you with the time-eating chores of content creation and marketing, customer communications and experience, and managing your SEO effort. And if you are not a DIY fan, you can turn it all over to professionals who understand how to set your business up for success with AI.

Let Scorpion take care of your small business AI needs now to get more leads and customers and improve the return on your marketing investment. Get started today to see how AI can optimize your business.