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6 Google Ads Innovations That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2018

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Google is in a state of perpetual improvement.

And its pay-per-click advertising (PPC) service, Google Ads, has brought some serious changes to the world of paid advertising in 2018.

Change #6 - Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads are paid ads that will choose a landing page on your website to direct your visitors to based on the keywords they type in.

Let’s say your business sells high-end wine online and your searcher types in “Red wine near me.”

Great—that’s a highly-specific search and you’ve got ads with those keywords.

However, you’ve got a wide variety of red wines, and landing pages for cabernets, malbecs, merlots, and more.

Dynamic search ads can point visitors directly to the specific area of your website that’s most relevant to what they’re looking for, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Change #5 - Automated Bidding

Automated bidding is a paid advertising tool that uses machine learning to optimize and improve the construction of your ad campaigns, helping you secure maximum returns from your investment.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say a potential prospect logs onto Google to search for a meat tenderizer.

A week later, they search for a set of knives.

And a week after that, they’re searching for frying pans.

Based on their purchase history, Google will begin to offer keyword and bidding suggestions to help you maximize your ability to target this type of consumer.

Using automated bidding for your business’s ad campaigns means that Google will tell you the best keywords to bid on based on the search history of your target customers, and it’ll do so using the most cost-effective strategy for your business automatically.

Change #4 - Goal-Optimized Shopping

Goal-Optimized Shopping is an advertising tool that uses machine learning to deliver ads to the specific customers based on a set of “goal-oriented” conditions.

Imagine you’re a shoe retailer with more than 1,000 different shoes in your store—imagine running paid ads for all of them...it would be a nightmare!

But, with Google’s goal-optimized shopping you can automate your ads using clearly defined goals, improving the effectiveness of each of your marketing dollars.

Change #3 - Smart Small Business Campaigns

Smart Small Business Campaigns are a new Google tool that provides small businesses with the ability to automate their advertising campaigns under a more user-friendly interface within their traditional Google Ads tool.

If you’re a small business attempting to run your own paid advertising for the first time, Smart Small Business Campaigns are a great way to get started. Serving to lower the barrier-to-entry for the average business owner, Smart Small Business Campaigns help you get your campaigns up and running with minimal effort.

Change #2 - Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads allow Google to draw from a pool of pre-made ad copy, mixing and matching the copy to create more effective ads for your business.

When using responsive search ads, your business has the ability to test more than 15 ad headlines and four ad descriptions, mixing and matching the three top-performing headlines and two best descriptions to create the ultimate ad for your business.

Change #1 - Mobile Landing Page Speed Score

The Mobile Landing Page Speed Score is a new measurement tool used to help you determine your site’s load speed on mobile devices. And as 50% or more of search is done from a mobile device, having a website that’s optimized to deliver the optimal mobile experience will benefit your business in traffic, leads, and ultimately sales revenue.

(Google has also added an Impact Calculator which works to calculate the potential revenue that could result from improving the speed of your website’s mobile speed, giving a clear ROI for any efforts made to optimize your site for mobile.)

Final Thoughts

Every year Google updates its tools to make your advertising goals a little easier to reach. However, it’s important to keep in mind that as the field of paid advertising evolves, it becomes more complex and the barrier to entry extends even higher. If you’ve got the time, take advantage of these free tools and use them to benefit your business. However, if you and your business are looking for fast results without the necessity to become an expert, give us a call.

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