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Vibra Healthcare

Expanding Bandwidth without Having to Hire More People

As a larger healthcare system, Vibra Healthcare needed a marketing partner who could keep up with the needs of their organization. Here’s how they got the support they needed.

The Goal

A Breakdown in Customer Support

As the Senior Vice President of Media Development at Vibra Healthcare, Kyle Hollinger had a lot on his plate. He wasn’t just responsible for press releases and media updates—he was also responsible for managing the entire digital presence of the long-term, acute care healthcare system, which included overseeing the system’s more than 60 hospital websites.

To manage an online presence of that magnitude, Kyle always relied on a strong working relationship with Vibra Healthcare’s preferred web development agency—that is, until the agency left him high and dry. Rather than give Kyle the extra bandwidth needed for continued digital success, the web development agency told Kyle he should “hire in-house developers” to make it easier for their agency to work with Vibra Healthcare. Realizing they weren’t receiving the technology or customer service they deserved, Kyle and the other decision-makers at Vibra Healthcare decided to look elsewhere for marketing support.

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The Solution

Technology & Service Delivered at Scale

In switching marketing partners, Vibra Healthcare was looking for two things: 1) A marketing partner who was equipped to work with a healthcare organization of their size and, as a result, deliver more hands-on support; and 2) A partner who was equipped to navigate the complexities of building websites for the healthcare industry. At Scorpion, we have extensive experience serving healthcare organizations of all sizes. Listening to the struggles they were experiencing and the goals they wanted to achieve, we moved forward with a plan.
A Unique Feel & Voice

Web Design for Numerous Facilities

Considering how large Vibra Healthcare’s system was, Kyle knew it was easy to end up with a cookie-cutter Internet presence. One big challenge of being a nationwide healthcare system is ensuring that the website for every single location aligns with the corporate brand while still maintaining enough individuality to appeal to patients at the local level. To help Vibra Healthcare maintain this balance, we made sure to give each of Vibra Healthcare’s websites the time, attention, and creative direction it deserved, giving each one a unique feel and voice.
Streamlined System

Faster & Easier Content Management

Managing content for more than 60 hospital websites can become extremely complex and time-consuming without the right technology. To make life easier for Kyle and his team, we provided technology that allows them to log into a single system and push out unique content (such as a news or success story) for any hospital or facility within the healthcare system.
Immediate Support

Personalized, Priority Treatment

Knowing Vibra Healthcare was feeling underserved by their previous marketing company, we did everything in our power to make sure they never felt like that again. We wanted them to know they were a priority to us, and we would go above and beyond to meet their needs, no matter how big or small. “When I pick up the phone and call, or send in a request via email, someone is getting back to me within an hour, even on the weekend,” Kyle said.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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“Scorpion gives us the bandwidth we need without having to hire additional people. Everything is so ‘taken care of’ that I forget I have more than 60 different hospital websites to keep an eye on. Working with Scorpion is total peace of mind.” Kyle Hollinger Senior Vice President of Media Development, Vibra Healthcare
Continuing Success

More Bandwidth & Peace of Mind

Due to his role and the size of his organization, Kyle will have a lot of moving pieces to keep track of—but now with a marketing partner that saves him time and stress, he can choose where he wants to focus his attention. And he doesn’t have to add more people to his staff to do it.

Kyle, all we want to do is make your life easier and help Vibra Healthcare succeed. Thank you for letting us partner with you!

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