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Daniel D. Hajji

A Case of Finding the Right Marketing Partner

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Playing Fair

Daniel Hajji entered law school with one mission, to bring fairness back into the courts—especially criminal defense. His passion for fairness and justice was built from studying Philosophy and the history behind how laws came about. In a recent interview with Daniel, he told us, “I like to see fairness in everything. Whether it’s in my business itself when I’m in court or dealing with my client. Fairness is a key core value that I uphold.”

After graduating from law school and passing the bar, Daniel decided to branch out and open his own practice in criminal law. He wanted to do his part to give every one of his clients a fair trial when they went to court.

Playing Fair

Finding the Right Marketing Fit

Shortly after opening his practice, Daniel knew he needed to focus on marketing to help grow his business. At the start, he attempted to go at it alone by utilizing self-learning resources for strategies like search engine optimization and trying to build his own website. However, it wasn’t long before Daniel realized how difficult it was to run a practice while doing his own marketing. “I tried my best, but my ambition is to practice law. I just wanna deal with my clients. I don’t have the energy or the wherewithal to market my business and gain more clients.” Like many business owners, he grew frustrated with trying to promote himself. “I didn’t go to law school to become a business or marketing expert.”

Daniel started employing marketing companies, but they weren’t providing the results he expected. Overall, he went through at least six marketing companies, but either they weren’t communicative enough, weren’t generating enough clients, weren’t getting him at the top of search engine sites, or were over-promised and under-delivered. Daniel’s situation got precarious enough that he worried he would need to close his practice down. “I just thought this wasn’t going to work.” Then he found Scorpion.

Daniel D. Hajji

A Journey to the Top

After resolving to keep looking for the right marketing fit, Scorpion came up in Daniel’s search results, and he decided to request more information. He was impressed from the get-go. “I had a different experience. They were straightforward. They weren’t pushy, they weren’t trying to make a sale, they just answered my questions.” Daniel decided to jump in with both feet. He turned all his marketing over to Scorpion, including social media, website design, lead generation, and more.

Part of utilizing Scorpion for his marketing needs means Daniel has access to the Scorpion Platform, where he can see all the ins and outs of his marketing strategies and control his budgets while receiving reports and updates from his team. Now Daniel is seeing the type of success he had only previously dreamed about. “Scorpion has taken me to a different level. A level that I didn’t think was possible for me.”

“Scorpion cares about my business as much as I care about my business, and they will show it to you, and you feel it, and you hear it. I feel like they're my silent partners in my own law firm."

Daniel D. Hajji

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Daniel D. Hajji

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