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Franchise Legal Support

To practice owner David Leviton, running his best law firm means being able to put clients first. With Scorpion’s help, he was able to start making them a priority.

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Protecting Franchise Owners from the Very Start

When David Leviton decided to become an attorney, it was an interest in cars that drove him to represent clients faced with difficult circumstances. That same care for people helped shape his current calling today.

After attending law school in South Carolina and passing the bar, David immediately opened his own private practice, stating he’d never been one to want to work under other people. However, after talking to relatives in the franchise business, it wasn’t long before he realized there was a need he could fill for franchisees looking for support while venturing into the world of franchise businesses.

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Ranking for an Almost Invisible Audience

David now had the difficult job of finding franchisees in his area that were in need of legal support. A task that did not come easily for him. “How do I get clients? Franchisees don’t congregate in one place.”

His biggest challenge came from being able to differentiate his practice from people looking for franchise information online. “Tailoring [a law firm] to people I need isn’t an easy task because a lot of people search ‘franchise,’ and maybe they want to start a franchise.”

Luckily, by the time David was making the move to this new law focus, internet-driven marketing was up and running, and started looking for a digital marketing company that would support his goals and help him find clients looking for a franchise lawyer.

For Franchise Legal Support to get off the ground and grow, David focused on:

  • Building a book of business
  • A polished website
  • Strategic SEO that ranked him above general inquiries
  • Impactful digital advertising

After doing some research, David realized the legal website designs he was finding at the top and liked the most were Scorpion clients. “The vast majority of the ones I liked the most were Scorpion and the ones that ranked the highest. I knew enough that [SEO] ranking was important, and so I called and you guys were fantastic.”

David Leviton

Ranked to Win

After choosing Scorpion as his marketing partner, David has gained the momentum he’d been looking for since day one. Through strong marketing strategies like SEO development, a new website, and focusing on his specific target audience, his lead flow has turned into high-quality calls. “I love my practice, and I love the flow. I know when I’m getting call, it’s going to be somebody that is pretty close to a client I would represent.”

Scorpion Products

To maximize his ROI and increase success, David uses the following Scorpion products:

  • Digital Advertising
    • 20% increase in organic leads
  • Ranking AI
    • 47% increase in organic traffic
    • Page 1 ranking for critical keywords
  • AI Chat

David’s team continues to ensure his website ranks well, and the right leads are coming his way. “In the economic climate, you have always been moving forward where I would probably never change my website. You guys are always moving forward every six months, year, whatever it is, we're revitalizing the website, keeping things fresh.”

David’s practice started because he wanted to help vulnerable people getting into the franchise business understand everything they’re committing to. “Franchisees always need representation, even if it’s just to tell them that the issues they’re having are normal.” And with Scorpion on his side, he’s reaching the right people with the right message.

I don't have to know what words sell my business, and you guys target where I need to target and the people that I need to target. So in the economic climate, you have always been moving forward where I would probably never change my website. You guys are always moving forward every six months, we're revitalizing the website to keep things fresh. Again, I don't have to think about it.

David Leviton

Founder/Lead Attorney, Franchise Legal Support

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