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Enlow Law

After joining his father in the legal field, Zach set to work turning a legacy law firm into a flourishing business

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From Army Officer to Lawyer

When Zach Enlow left his home of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and exchanged his civilian clothes for the cadet grays of West Point, the last thing on his mind was a profession in law like his father. But when his family needed him, Zach decided to return to his roots and follow in his father’s footsteps. So, after serving for five years as an Army Officer, he returned home and enrolled in law school.

Zach wanted to specialize in criminal law to complement his father’s focus on civil law, which made their law firm more well-rounded after he joined. “We have the ability to take clientele from a number of different places. We’re not necessarily uniquely siloed to one specialty, which allows us to be constantly on the move, taking on new clients.” While Zach made plans to attract new clients to the firm, he also wanted to honor the foundational values his father had built that had led to a loyal client base. “I just thought it was important to maintain the same level of institutional clients, that having a deep client base elsewhere is just as important for business resiliency.”

Enlow Law

Risk versus Reward

After joining the law firm in April 2020, Zach set goals to continue to provide, and expand upon providing an experience of transparency, honesty, and maintaining cost expectations for each client. “Personally, I believe one of the most important factors, particularly in a boutique law firm, is very quick and fast client communication. And honesty and transparency, but I think expectation management is one of the most important things to have.”

However, time was not on Zach’s side. Between juggling the daily responsibilities of operating a small business, setting goals to diversify their offerings, and expanding their book of business, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. “It’s certainly a downside of being a small business and running the business. So, I think that probably the hardest challenge is time management with other things that are not legally related.

“It was very easy and clear to me that we can try our best to maintain our institutional clients and continue driving revenue there, but we should also expand out into other fields.”

For Zach to succeed in helping grow the law firm, he would need marketing support.

Zach Enlow

Skyrocketing ROI with Digital Marketing Efforts

Zach wanted to find a marketing company that was as dedicated to communication and transparency as he strives to be in his law firm, and after reaching out to a few different vendors, he found it in Scorpion. “Scorpion is different because I have not come across a business that is as effective in communication as Scorpion is. There’s no rival.” Equipped with such product tools, including the Email Services in our Marketing Suite and Communications Suite, Zach can be more proactive about being in sync with his marketing team and having transparency on potential clients reaching out to his practice.

While functioning as a small business owner meant that Zach had to wear a lot of hats, with his marketing strategies in place and a team of experts on his side, he can get back to focusing on his practice and clients. “Being a small business owner has its own unique challenges, mostly having to do all the things that larger businesses have particular employees to handle.” Now, thanks to Scorpion, Enlow Law is better equipped to compete with bigger firms in the area. “By the nature of Scorpion being so effective and efficient, it’s basically freed up my time, which is the most important thing to a lawyer. And I would argue probably the most important thing to any business, but particularly as a lawyer. Rather than having to spend time messing around with my website, or SEO, or something like that, I just give it to [Scorpion] and capitalize on new client calls or acquisitions.”

Now Zach and his father have a team of marketing experts on their side, providing strategies that keep them in competition with competitors, communication tools they can count on, and a clear roadmap of where their marketing efforts are heading next.

“I have a very clear idea of budgeting, of where payments are going, and I have all automated systems with Scorpion. I check in with my representative at least once a month, if not more. My response time is usually within minutes.” For Enlow Law, Zach, and his father, the future of their practice shows victory on the horizon.

“I’ve referred Scorpion to a number of lawyers that are either looking to develop their SEO, website, or things like that. And I always say the same thing: My return is oftentimes 10 to 12 times what I pay per month. And they’re extremely professional, punctual, efficient, effective, communicative, and will provide everything that you possibly need in a timely manner.”

Zach Enlow

Owner, Enlow Law

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