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Breaking Free From Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Louis Stephens of Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air reached a point when word of mouth was no longer enough to grow his business. Fortunately, he found a better way to reach new customers.

Quick Stat 2X More Revenue
Before Scorpion

No Control Over Business Growth

For years, Louis Stephens—owner of Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air—relied on word of mouth to stay busy. But over time, Louis realized word of mouth was not the silver bullet of success everyone made it out to be—and that was because it gave him zero control over the business he was able to generate. There was no predicting how many calls Louis’ company would get from referrals each month, or what kinds of jobs those referrals would produce. Tired of the unpredictability, Louis decided to take control over his business’ growth—he hired Scorpion to help Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air get in front of the exact types of customers he wanted: local homeowners.
With Scorpion

More Visibility & Stronger Local Reputation

In addition to having a more consistent flow of calls and jobs, Louis wanted to build up the Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air’s brand recognition in the company’s local area. “We compete with bigger companies, so we wanted to get our name out there and establish ourselves as a known premier service brand in the community,” Louis said. To help him achieve its goals, our team at Scorpion partnered with Louis to give Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air the image and reputation it deserved, which ultimately brought in more business.
Brand Identity

Maximizing Online Exposure

To give Louis’ company greater visibility and a more robust brand identity, we helped him create a website that painted the picture of who Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air is as a business: a trusted, family-owned company committed to customer satisfaction. And because we were able to launch the site quickly, we reduced a lot of stress for Louis. “Everything was so fast, and the finished product was amazing. I had a lot of anxiety when we signed up because it was a big expense—but that anxiety disappeared the second we went live.”
Diversified Presence

Reaching Homeowners on Numerous Channels

We knew the best way to help Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air build awareness of their brand and attract more customers was to make them as visible as possible, and that meant being present on numerous digital channels. So, we helped the company launch ads on Google, Bing, and Yelp where people might search for an electrical or HVAC company. We also helped the business create marketing to reach potential customers even when they weren’t ready to hire a service professional—including educational blogs promoted on social media and ads that appear when people browse other sites.
Chat & Texting

More Customer Touchpoints

Realizing that today’s consumer values convenience, Louis worked with our team to add a live chat feature to his new website, allowing potential customers to get their questions answered right away, without ever having to pick up the phone. “With live chat, we’re able to book appointments online with customers who like to text instead of call...we can also send our customers a text with a profile on the tech who’s going to be working in their home, creating a more personalized experience—people love it.”

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Growth Spurred by a Strong Partnership

With his company’s new digital presence, Louis was blown away by the results. He started receiving phone calls within the first week of launching his new website, and it was the first time he was getting customers who didn’t come by word of mouth. Within just a couple of years, Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air was able to increase its monthly leads by 500%, with 70% of the company’s leads turning into paying customers. The business was also able to double its revenue and hire 9 more techs.

But Louis said his lead and revenue growth is only part of what he gets out of working with Scorpion. He has also come to rely on the support of his marketing team, which gives him the freedom and flexibility to spend his time the way he wants.

We’re rooting for your success, Louis, and we can’t wait to see what type of growth Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air is able to achieve in the years ahead!

Scorpion Employee with Client
Andrea Stephens with Scorpion Marketing Manager Kate FitzGerald

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