Baxter Harder, LLC

Attracting More of the Right Clients & Tripling Revenue

With smarter marketing and a strong online presence created by Scorpion’s focused team of experts, Baxter Harder got more quality cases—sending the criminal defense firm to the next level.

Establishing a New Firm as an Elite Practice

Attorneys Casey Baxter and Joseph Harder fight every day to help people who are going through challenging times: facing criminal charges, divorce, or complex real estate issues. Before Scorpion, they had the skill and drive to help, but their website and advertising did little in the way of instilling confidence in the minds of potential clients or the community.

It would take a polished, professional website to create the right impression, and smarter Internet marketing to make Baxter Harder visible online—where most people look for an attorney.

So, Casey and Joseph turned to Scorpion for the team, technology, and expertise they needed.

Casey Baxter & Joseph Harder

Investing in Better Marketing

For Baxter Harder, our goals were to create an impossible-to-ignore web presence and data-driven marketing that would bring in high-value cases and help the firm fast-track its growth. The outcome was just what Baxter Harder needed. According to Casey, “Ever since we invested in better digital marketing, our firm has seen an exponential return on investment...We get higher-paying clients, our revenue has tripled, and we’re planning on opening a second office.”
“As someone with a business degree, I understand how important first impressions are. For legal clients, first impressions happen on your website—you’re not even considered unless you’re at the top of search engine results.”
Casey Baxter Partner, Baxter Harder, LLC

Real Expansion

Since partnering with Scorpion, Baxter Harder has gained a polished, professional website and marketing capable of growing their practice. They’ve tripled revenue and expanded from three to five attorneys in just two years.

Casey and Joseph, your success is our top priority. Let’s continue to pave the way for your long-term growth!