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Episode 6: Nancy Eaton | The Customer is Always Right

Three Things You’ll Learn:

  1. The importance of good customer service
  2. Why communication is key
  3. The benefit of trying to find common ground

Established in 1992

Initially unsure with which direction to take her career, Nancy says it wasn’t until she sat down with an industrial psychologist that she realized her potential in law. Starting out as an enforcement attorney for the Railroad Commission of Texas, she decided she wanted to own her own firm and has been in private practice ever since.

Going through a divorce herself, Nancy knows the pain and trauma that come with a separation. Her central focus is to ensure that the family and children involved in a case are not stuck in a dramatic battle.

To Charge a Consulting Fee or Not?

When Nancy first started her firm, she was having meetings with up to ten clients per day. To make that number more manageable, she started charging a consultation fee, which she says has helped her focus on bringing in more serious inquiries.

An Entirely Female Team

Every employee of The Law Office of Nancy Eaton is a woman, something Nancy knows is unique. However, she didn’t set out to build an all-female team from the beginning — she just wanted to hire the best attorneys she could find.

Finding Common Ground

Going to court can be a traumatic, expensive, and time-consuming process. There is, however, an opportunity to find a satisfactory resolution before going to court by negotiating or finding common ground.

Because of current limitations on being able to attend court in person, Nancy has noticed more lawyers picking up the phone to resolve conflicts through cooperative strategies rather than litigation.

“We have been madly working cases behind the scenes without having to go to court.” 

Honesty and Integrity

Nancy says she learned a lot about business while working for her father prior to law school, including the importance of honesty and integrity.

“Your word is your bond and you do what you say you’re going to do.” 

Nancy explains placing a central focus on “The customer is always right” has helped her business succeed. By ensuring that every phone call is returned and every inquiry is answered, every client feels like a valued customer.

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