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Episode 4: How Keeping an Open Mind Can Help You Close Leads

Three Things You’ll Learn:

  1. The importance of approaching conversations with an open mind
  2. Why communication is the first step to closing on a lead
  3. How a law firm can benefit from hiring a lead intake specialist

An Accidental Start

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Christian Lass considers himself a “recovering child actor” and is proud of the fact that he made it out of that industry with a steady, official job. After an unfortunate motorcycle accident left him out of the surfing career he had initially planned for himself, he decided to go back to San Diego State and finish his schooling.

He is now the Marketing Director and Lead Intake Specialist for GYL Family Law, where he works with his wife, Amy.

Sales and Communication

Christian shares that he has found a good use for his sales background in closing leads, explaining that he is essentially selling lawyers.

With customer service lacking since the beginning of the pandemic, people are generally just looking for someone to talk to, says Christian. Providing them with an opportunity to share what they’re looking for allows the conversation to open up around specific needs. This gives Christian a chance to find the best lawyer for the case.

Let Lawyers be Lawyers

Christian is aware of the stress that comes with being an attorney--he is married to one after all. His goal is to remove some of the stress by providing as much information and care to the clients before they walk through the door.

By providing not only the marketing but the initial contact point for their clients, Christian allows the lawyers to focus on their jobs.

Although many attorneys may fear outsourcing their legal intake could potentially jeopardize their business, he knows the value he provides to the company outweighs any doubt, explaining that trust is a two-way street.

“[When outsourcing legal intake] you’ve got to chuck your ego aside.”

Approaching Geography with an Open Mind

With the stigma attached to certain zip codes, it would be easy to turn a blind eye to phone calls from specific areas.

Christian believes you must approach every conversation with an open mind, no matter what their circumstances may be from the start.

“If you're a lawyer and you're listening to this if you don't want to listen to them [potential leads], hire somebody that does because it's only going to help you grow as a law firm and your reputation is going to grow out of control.”

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