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Episode 10: Kris Leavitt | How To Become Irreplaceable at Your Firm

Aligning Your Company's Vision

Kris knew he wanted to create a firm he could be proud of and stand behind. Through his compassionate nature, he discovered a perfect fit in Family Law. As his clients navigate emotionally demanding disputes, he's able to offer compassionate counseling and aggressive litigation.

From Associate to Partner

Develop and implement growth opportunities: Leaping to a higher position within your firm can be a long and grueling process. However, Kris believes that business development is the most significant hurdle associates face as they move up the ranks. By taking the initiative, it's possible to make yourself irreplaceable to your clients.

Establish relationships: By building good contacts and good connections, you are more likely to acquire clients. Kris shares that the people who were able to make the successful jump from associate to partner are the ones who strengthened those relationships with their clients or colleagues.

"Meet someone, make connections, and bring the work in from day one," says Kris.

Adjusting to COVID

Be the calm in the storm: Through the pandemic, it's become increasingly important for lawyers to remain steady amid their clients' most turbulent situations. During divorce, custody battles, or property division, emotions tend to run very high. Kris knows he must minimize stress and provide as much stability as possible.

Leverage technology: Like many firms, Kris' office conducted all client consults face-to-face but needed to adjust to virtual meetings, digital file-sharing, and remote communication methods.

Make time for you: Uncertainty is everywhere, so it's important to be adaptable to change and make time for yourself, your family, and your health. Every weekend, Kris makes sure his family takes advantage of the great outdoors around them.

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