7 Tips for Marketing Your Family Law Firm on Facebook

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With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is...

The #1 most popular social media site and mobile app.

Not only does Facebook have a lot of users, but those users are highly active on the platform, with Pew Research Center finding that 74% of users visit the site daily.

Data on users using social media

That makes Facebook a great place for your family law firm to:

  • Capture the attention of a lot of people

  • Promote family law services

  • Regularly engage with people who could become clients

BUT you need to use smart Facebook marketing strategies if want your firm to stand out...especially when there are so many other law firms competing for attention.

Here are 7 Tips for Marketing Your Family Law Firm on Facebook:

1. Find the right balance between promotional and helpful content

People on Facebook want to learn about your law firm, but they also want access to information that directly benefits them.

Share a combination of the following on your Facebook page:

  • Educational content that helps people better understand family law topics (like blogs, articles, and videos that answer common questions about divorce, child custody, etc.)

  • Industry news related to what’s going on in your legal field (like a new law that impacts divorce filings in your state)

  • The latest updates about your law firm (like special awards, volunteer work, a new legal service you’re offering, etc.)

By mixing up your social media content, you’ll be able to promote your firm while also serving as a helpful resource that demonstrates your expertise.

Here are a couple of examples of educational and promotional posts we shared on our own Facebook page.


Scorpion Marketing Advertising on Facebook


Scorpion Marketing Advertising on Facebook

2. Post consistently

Do not make the mistake of publishing a lot of Facebook posts all at once and then stopping their activity for long periods of time—it will make your firm appear inconsistent, and it will create visibility gaps on Facebook that will cost you clients.

Create a social media content calendar that allows you to publish posts with consistency in accordance to a predetermined schedule.

3. Run ads to reach more of the right types of people

Facebook advertising is crucial for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to considerably expand your reach. Only a small percentage of your followers actually see your unpaid posts. With a boosted post or Facebook ad, you’re able to push your message out to a much larger audience, including people who aren’t already following your page.
  2. It allows you to target the types of Facebook users you want as new clients. For example, you might target 25-60 year-olds within a 10-mile radius of your law firm to help ensure your firm is being seen by the types of people most likely to need your services.

4. Replace legalese with everyday language

Facebook isn’t where people go to be academic—it’s where they go to catch up with friends, catch up on what’s trending, and be entertained.

When writing Facebook posts, remember to use everyday language that the average online user will understand. If you get too technical, Facebook users will lose interest.

5. Take time to respond to questions and comments.

Take the time to reply to comments and questions on Facebook. These comments could be from former clients, or they could be from potential clients. The questions might be about family law in general, or your practice specifically.

Replying to comments and questions quickly (ideally less than 24 hours) is critical because it proves that your practice cares about people.

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6. Use video to capture attention

Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video a day, so sharing various types of video on your Facebook page (testimonials, informational videos, etc.) is critical to capturing attention.

And why does attention matter? It matters because the more attention you can capture, the more engagement you can create for for your firm.

7. Pay attention to the metrics that matter most

Yes, it’s nice to have a lot of followers and likes, but those results won’t get your firm new leads and clients.

Pay attention to the social media metrics that have the greatest impact on your business. These are shares and comments (people actually interacting with your firm online), as well as conversions from your ad campaigns (clicks, form fills, calls, etc.).

And if you can track new cases and revenue back to a Facebook campaign, even better!

If you want a winning Facebook marketing strategy that boosts exposure for your family law firm and helps you generate more business, talk to a member of our team. We’d be happy to help.