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5 Marketing Tools for Law Firms

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Marketing can be challenging, even for an established law firm. You want to get new leads to walk through your door, but to do so, you must make sure that people know and trust your firm. If they don't recognize your firm's name, prospective clients are more likely to go with better-known firms, leaving your attorney's without the clientele they need to survive — and thrive — in the competitive legal landscape.

To get new clients and improve your return on investment (ROI), your law firm needs to use marketing tools that can assist and strengthen your marketing campaigns. From keyword research to getting recognized on a social media platform through high-profile cases, helpful marketing tools let you reach your target audience, track your impact, and boost your overall legal marketing efforts. 

The Top 5 Marketing Tools for Law Firms

Now that you're ready to improve your law firm's online presence, it's time to start working with powerful marketing tools to extend your reach. 

1. Digital Ads

One primary way most law firms generate business is by running digital ads that target a specific audience. For example, your firm could run a paid ad on search engines like Google or Bing — this puts your firm's website in front of people by paying for ad space online.

To make the most of your Google Ads, you'll need to become familiar with Google Analytics, which:

  • Measures your advertising ROI
  • Collects important data from your website or apps
  • Gives you deeper insight into how your ads are performing

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides you with the "ABCs" of content analytics: audience, behavior, and conversions. Once you learn to use the platform, you'll easily see who your visitors are, what they do online when interacting with your ads and website, and if and when they convert. 

Remember to do keyword research to make the most of your Google Ads. Google Analytics can help with that, too, helping you find the right keywords for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

At Scorpion, we run advertising campaigns that drive revenue. You choose your budget, and we’ll make sure you get the most for your money. We’ve generated 100+ million leads for our customers because we focus on diversifying your ad strategy. More places to advertise means more leads.

FYI: We also have a partnership with Yelp to make advertising easier and more cost-effective.

2. A Customer Relationship Management Platform

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a marketing tool designed to help make marketing easier so you have complete visibility into your lead generation. 

The purpose of a CRM is to keep your firm organized. It has three primary benefits:

  1. Tracking your leads to allow you to follow up with potential clients: When someone emails your firm, reaches out through a contact form, or otherwise indicates they are a potential client, you have only a limited time to respond. A CRM minimizes the chances of you missing a valuable prospect's interaction with you and helps highlight how much time has passed since the initial inquiry came in. 
  2. Helping you keep track of referral partners: A CRM can also track the last time you reached out to your referral partners, such as a social media marketer chosen through a high-profile case. This makes it less likely that you'll miss an opportunity with a partner or fail to recognize them for driving business toward your firm.
  3. Breaking up your contact lists into smaller audience segments: For example, you can see who signed up for your newsletter, who has sent you an inquiry, and who filled out a form on your website. With that information at your fingertips, you'll spend less time reaching out to an overly broad audience, instead refocusing your efforts on reaching out to those with active case inquiries.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console has tools and reporting options to help you measure your website's search traffic and performance. You can think of it as your primary campaign monitor.

The purpose of getting to know Search Console is to help improve your website's search engine ranking. When your website ranks well for certain keywords, users are more likely to find and reach out to your firm when they need the kinds of legal services you offer. 

Google Search Console has several significant benefits for you to consider:

  • It analyzes your website's impressions, clicks, and position in Google's search results, allowing you to optimize your website's rankings.
  • It can track performance and traffic. Monitoring traffic lets you know if your site isn't getting enough visitors — or if visitors are bouncing (leaving your website) before reaching out. 
  • It lets you submit your sitemap or individual URL and asks the search engine to crawl it for the most current view of your site.

If you plan to use a feature like Google Business Profile (GBP) (which we highly recommend), you will also want to become familiar with Google Search Console and ensure your GBP is always up to date.

Google Search Console has the potential to change your law firm's trajectory with better leads through improved search engine optimization (SEO). As such, it's a digital marketing tool your law firm shouldn't miss.

4. Social Media and Email Campaigns

Customer outreach can be tough to keep up with, but social media and email campaigns are both great ways to identify prospects and keep them — and your past and current clients — updated about your firm.

Using Social Media

When it comes to social media, the first step is to determine which platforms will work best for your firm (hint, the ones your target audience is most likely to be on). For example, you might create a business page on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. 

Next, you'll create content to release as a social media post you can duplicate or modify across your chosen platforms. Creating content that can be used across multiple platforms offers you greater potential to reach more customers (particularly those who don't use all forms of social media). These posts help generate organic (or free) traffic for your website.

You can also use paid social media marketing tools, like Facebook Ads, to expand your reach. And you might want to consider word-of-mouth marketing via high-profile cases who can work as referral partners. 

You want to use these social media platforms and their tools to drive prospective clients to your website or contact form. A robust social media marketing strategy will help you gather contact information you can use to drive leads.

Using Email

Using your list of prospective and current client email addresses, you can use an email marketing tool like Mail Chimp or Sprout Social to build your campaign. Choose the relevant email list, type of email you're sending out (marketing, newsletters, etc.), and design the specific email message. 

Good email marketing starts with a personalized subject line and content that subscribers will want to open and read about. For example, if you run a personal injury law firm, sending out emails referring to recently won cases or discussing common questions would likely benefit your email's readers and help establish you as an authority in your legal niche. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another powerful tool to consider using to help promote your law firm. When combined with human ingenuity, AI can be an impressive tool for content creation and marketing campaigns. 

For example, if you need an image for your law firm's latest blog, you could use Midjourney AI to create it for you. It only takes a few minutes to type in a prompt and get results that are likely to satisfy your image requirements. You can adjust the prompt until you get the right image to positively influence your potential clients.

AI marketing tools can also help you create successful marketing campaigns or improve marketing automation to minimize the time your team must spend on repetitive tasks. In a limited amount of time, artificial intelligence can collect and analyze data much faster than people, giving you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions to help your business grow. 

In these ways and others, AI can aid your online marketing efforts, helping you create the content you need and automating tasks that would otherwise take much longer. 

Scorpion's Talented Marketing Team Is Here To Help Your Law Firm Thrive

At Scorpion, we have a talented marketing team that understands the complexities of marketing in the legal industry. And really, the number one marketing tool you need is Scorpion. We offer the digital marketing services to handle all this for you, and the technology and AI to give you the insight and visibility you need for your marketing efforts.

Whether you're looking for help with social media management, want to learn more about effectively tracking analytics, are interested in trying out a new SEO tool, or want to discuss how to optimize your Google Business Profile, our team is here to help. We'll guide you through Google trends, help you understand Facebook Ads, and support you as you build and enhance your law firm's presence online. 

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