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How Does a Blog Help My Practice?

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Caitlyn Blair

Learn the Top Benefits of Blogging and How They Can Work Wonders for Your Law Firm 

When it comes to executing a marketing plan, baby steps are key. A successful marketing plan involves a combination of efforts that work together to help your firm meet its goals. Your goals might include gaining more clients, ranking higher on Google, establishing yourselves as thought leaders, or all of the above. A thoughtful, informative blog that answers common questions for your clients can serve as a valuable corner piece of your marketing puzzle. When written well, a blog can help your practice in the following ways: 

Cost-effective Content Marketing 

Blogs are generally regarded as one of the most cost-effective ways to do content marketing. Content marketing refers to a wide range of mediums, like social media posts and videos. Out of all of these mediums, blogging is one that has proven to deliver results. On average, companies that blog earn  97% more inbound links than companies that do not. This is great news if you want to start blogging because Google views inbound links as a sign that your site has high quality content. 

On top of the visitors that the blogs attract through searches, this platform can have multiple uses and can be repurposed for social media content. You can share your blog post on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Pinterest. This will help you hit two birds with one stone as you bring in new audiences from multiple sources. 

Significantly Improving Your Ranking on Google

If you think that blogging can’t help your ranking on Google all that much, think again. According to the project management software platform DemandMetric, blogging creates 434% more indexed pages. This means that having a blog on your website as part of your firm’s marketing plan can improve your ranking on Google significantly, although it will not happen overnight. It will likely take somewhere between two months and a year of consistent posting before you see some major improvements. 

Establishing Credibility as Thought Leaders 

Blogging is such a unique way to market your firm because they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they bring potential clients to your website, but they also showcase the breadth of knowledge your firm has to those clients. Blogs will allow you to establish your expertise and credibility to discuss topics of expertise in a clear, concise way. Being a thought leader will help you advance your firm, attract new clients, and provide them with the value they are looking for.  

Attracting Future Clients 

The best part about the visits that blogs attract is their targeted nature. While other types of ads might be tailored to a specific desired demographic, blogs attract those who are specifically looking for your services. Your future clients are already searching for answers to their most burning legal questions. Blogs offer an amazing opportunity to weave keywords throughout your site, attract clients, and show them that you have the answers to their questions in their time of need. 

Standing Apart From the Competition 

If you run a law firm or are a part of one, then you know that it is common for firms to face stiff competition. As competition is rising in the legal market, so are client expectations. When you have a blog that you consistently update, it gives you a chance to rise to the occasion and meet their expectations. It will certainly help you stand out from other competitors who are not blogging at all. In fact, one study showed that companies the size of an average law firm that publish 11 or more blogs per month are three times more successful than companies that publish fewer posts. 

Legal Knowledge and Content Marketing: A Dream Team for Law Firm Success 

When you think about what clients want out of a lawyer, what matters most is knowledge of the law, a strong work ethic, experience, and reliability. Updating a blog consistently shows that your firm exhibits all of these qualities. Your blog is a chance for you to demonstrate this and to meet your potential clients in their time of need. When they stumble upon a blog post, they will already have been searching for answers to pressing questions. If written correctly, your blog post will give them the answers they need and assure them that you are the firm who should continue supporting their legal concerns in the future. 

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