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The State of Personal Injury Internet Marketing

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Personal injury law has proven to be the most expensive industry in the digital marketing space. Studies have shown that the most expensive keywords on Google’s platforms are those that focus on some form of personal injury claim, such as a car or truck accident. As we move into a new decade, we will continue to see an increase in firms who advertise online. In this way, the competitive nature of the market is here to stay, and in order to be successful, we have to work together to achieve the results that you are looking to us to help you achieve.

At Scorpion, we have invested a significant amount of time and resources to improve our campaigns and provide consistent results for our clients. We have expanded our abilities to run effective campaigns with the help of machine learning. We have won awards for our innovation and have created advertising systems that have both challenged and changed the industry. You can always look to us to push the status quo and create new ways to drive the cases you are looking for in the most cost-effective manner.

However, even with such technological advances, we are dependent upon your collaboration. While we are constantly tracking impression, click, and lead data, the most invaluable data of all revolves around your signed clients. With this data, we are able to confirm which clients have come through which campaigns, establish a return on investment, and make calculated changes to the campaign that will lead to exponential growth.

When we have transparent data about what streams of advertising your clients have come from, we can quickly parse out the elements of your campaigns that are successful and those that simply are not. Over time, this data becomes indispensable because we can make global changes to your campaign that will improve our ability to target the right people with the right ad experience at the right time.

With better data comes better results. This is our focus in 2020. We are committed to your campaigns and determined to make every cent count. As the digital space expands and becomes more competitive, we will continue to create innovative strategies and invest in game-changing technology for the betterment of your campaign and the growth of your business.

As we collaborate together and maintain close communication using our collective data, you can be sure that we will use every ounce of that data to improve your campaigns, exceed your expectations, and attain your goals. I look forward to another year of close partnership and insightful collaboration. There is nothing we cannot accomplish when your goals and our strategies are perfectly aligned.

Onward and upward in 2020!