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How to Maximize Your Legal Marketing Strategy: A 5-Part Training Workshop

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Here’s something every attorney understands when it comes to legal marketing...

You need to know what you’re doing if you want to succeed.

Getting more clients, cases, and revenue doesn’t happen by accident—it takes strategic planning, execution, and a firm understanding of the clients you want to reach.

To help bring you up to speed here’s a peek at our 5-part series that covers everything you need to know to maximize your legal marketing and produce a better return on investment.

Part 1 - Emerging Trends and Proven Strategies for Successful Legal Marketing

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How are your most ideal prospective clients looking for legal services like yours today? And what do you need to do to ensure your law firm stands out from all their options for legal assistance?

In Emerging Trends and Proven Strategies for Successful Legal Marketing (Part 1 of our workshop series), we explore how new shifts in consumer behaviors are affecting the decisions of your prospective clients, and how you can leverage these changes to capture more clients and cases for your firm.

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Part 2 - Generating Awareness and Branding for Your Firm

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In the world of legal marketing, everyone’s competing for attention. However, when your prospects are searching for an attorney to represent them, they often fail to realize the difference between a generally good lawyer and a lawyer specialized for their case type.

The problem is a lack of awareness and branding.

In Generating Awareness and Branding for Your Firm (Part 2 of our workshop series), we cover how a diversified marketing strategy can drive more attention to your practice, as well as how to build a firm brand that instills trust in prospective clients and drives more conversions.

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Part 3 - Creating Interest and Consideration for Your Law Firm

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When people find your law firm online, which factors are pushing them to visit your website or call your office? Are your reviews plentiful and positive? Are you offering helpful information that positions your firm as an authority in your industry? Every aspect of your firm’s online presence matters, and if you’re not prepared with the right legal digital marketing plan, you could end up losing potential clients.

In Create Interest and Consideration for Your Law Firm (Part 3 of our workshop series), you’ll learn how to differentiate your firm online and create enough trust with prospective clients to get them calling your firm for a consultation.

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Part 4 - Overcoming Doubt and Providing Assurance

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When a prospective client is considering hiring you, how do you leverage your digital presence to assure them of your qualifications and win their trust?

In Overcoming Doubt and Providing Assurance (Part 4 of our workshop series), we’ll teach you what you can do to build a better experience for your prospects from the moment they find your firm online to the moment they pick up the phone and call your office. You’ll also learn how to develop an online presence that inspires trust and confidence, allowing you to put your best foot forward digitally and sign on more cases.

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Chapter 5 - Converting Prospects Into Clients

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It’s the final stretch. Your campaign’s up-and-running, your prospect’s made it to your website, and they’re reaching out to call. But instead of getting ahold of you or a helpful receptionist, they’re getting your voicemail.

Bad move. Now, that prospect is calling another attorney.

Closing the client is essential to executing an effective marketing strategy. So, how can you remove the hiccups in your process and improve your rate of client acquisition?

In Converting Prospects Into Clients (Part 5 of the workshop series), we’ll detail every step in the client acquisition process, offer best practices to improve your online experience, and teach you how to develop your customer touchpoints to make your firm the #1 choice in your field.

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