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Scorpion Webinars

  • Capture Opportunities for Growth in 2021 and Beyond

    Grow Your Contingency Fee Law Firm Post-Pandemic

    Nationwide, contingency-based law firms are using unique strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the post-pandemic landscape. Watch this webinar to learn proven tactics featuring Peter Webb of Scorpion, ... Watch Now
  • Learn to Better Serve Your Clients

    Local Service Ads: The New Standard in Legal Marketing

    Google’s introduction of Local Services Ads has made a real impact on the legal industry. During a time when firms are fighting harder than ever to attract new clients and stay on pace with their goals, LSAs allow ... Watch Now
    A image of Google Ads login screen on an mobile phone.
  • Learn how to determine the value of your practice.

    How Much is Your Law Firm Worth?

    Whether you're looking to sell or simply get a better understanding of where your practice stands, being able to assess your firm's worth accurately is a must for any attorney. In this replay of a past livestream ... Watch Now
    Peter Webb on Senior Attorney Match.
  • A man looking on his laptop.
    Everything Your Firm Needs to Know About Digital Marketing

    Innovative Ways to Find Mass Tort Clients

    Watch Now
  • Learn To Better Serve Your Clients

    Incremental Growth Strategies for Contingency Fee Law Firms

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  • Business man on his phone.
    Learn to Better Serve Your Clients

    A Guide to Google’s Local Services Ads for Attorneys

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  • An attorney on his laptop
    Set your Firm Up to Capture Emerging Opportunities for Growth

    Retaining Employment Law Cases in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

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  • A businessman looking at his laptop
    Learn to Better Serve Your Clients

    Marketing Tips for Family Law Attorneys During COVID-19

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  • Marketing Tips for Bankruptcy Firms During COVID-19

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