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How Scorpion Will Map Your Content To Get You More Clients

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Caitlyn Blair

What is content mapping and why does Scorpion do it?

When you work with Scorpion on a content marketing strategy, we will take care of all your content marketing needs across your various platforms. No matter what your business goals might be, we create content designed to help you stay relevant, engage your audience, and increase traffic. One of the key parts of this is content mapping. It is usually the first stage of a content strategy journey.

The goal of content mapping is to help your business plan release content that supports the journey of your clients. When done properly, it will create a cohesive, personalized customer experience.

When you work with a marketing team like Scorpion, you are not just outsourcing a team and hoping for the best. We aim to function as a partnership with a mutual goal to lift your business. For this reason, content mapping will help both of us feel assured that your content strategy is on track and is reaching the right audiences at the right time.

The process of content mapping: defining the buyer persona and their current stage

Research and brainstorming sessions are typically the first steps of content mapping. The process is similar to many other aspects of marketing in that way. Once we gain a strong understanding of the target audience your business needs to reach, we can begin planning for content that supports their journey.

Crafting buyers’ personas can be extremely helpful in this process. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your business’s ideal customer. We say “semi-fictional” because the persona is based on research and data about existing and potential customers of your business. Your business might need multiple personas, each with different criteria for evaluating the product.

Each buyer’s persona should describe what drives them to buy your product or service. We will need to get to the bottom of your ideal customers’ needs so that our content will address them head-on. Some key points that can be explored in the buyer persona include a bio about the buyer, the pain points they are encountering in their life, their demographics (age, location, family status, education status, and income), expectations from the product or service, factors that influence their buying decisions, and their commonly used communication channels. Having a clear vision of who this person is will help us understand them and create content that caters to their needs.

Most importantly, we will consider what stage in the buying process your prospective buyers are experiencing and create content to cater to each of these stages:


The first stage of the sales funnel is called the awareness stage. As the name implies, it is the moment when your potential buyers first become aware of your product or service. At this stage, the focus of our content will be to introduce them to your business, showcase its value, and provide initial information.

This is not the time to pitch them yet. Think of this part of the journey like going on a first date. You certainly want your date to get to know you so neither of you is wasting time. However, a marriage proposal would almost certainly scare them off. At this stage, an aggressive pitch would do the same. If we are successful at bringing them down the sales funnel, there will be plenty of time to sell your business later. Some examples of content we can create to cater to this stage include blog posts, social media content, and ebooks.


During the awareness stage, the potential buyer might not be able to name their actual problem. That changes during the consideration stage. At this point, they know what their problem is and they’re at least somewhat familiar with the ways you could help them solve it. However, this is still not the time to sell – more knowledge needs to be built.

At this stage, the goal of our content will surround building trust with the audience. We will provide information that continues educating them on your business and establishing your business as an authority on relevant topics. Examples of key content at this stage include “about” pages and “service” pages. These are the sections of your website that your clients can refer to when they are in “investigation mode.”

Because the consideration stage tends to be the longest, diversification will be the name of the game. Your potential buyers might take a break from your content and return as they contemplate their decision, so the content we craft for this stage should be shared across all platforms.


The conversion stage is one of the most exciting stages for a business and for your clients. At this point, they have the information they need to make a purchase and have chosen to do so. Only a small percentage of your audience will make it to this point. The average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%, but the strongest businesses are ranking at 5.31% or higher. The key is to utilize strategies such as SEO and paid ads to cast a wide net to your target audience. This way, what might seem like a small conversion rate will actually be a large number of leads.

For example, when you utilize Scorpion Ranking AI, our SEO technology will analyze over 400,000 different data points for every keyword that you want to rank. Our team and our technology will analyze what is working in your market, what your competitors are doing, and what opportunities you might have to grow your conversion rates.

Assets for every stage of the clients’ journeys

You can’t always control when or where your potential clients will stumble upon your content, but you can make sure your assets are impressive enough to keep them coming back. When you work with Scorpion, we will create a website that raises awareness about your business, brings in more traffic, and provides the information clients need to make a decision. Our ultimate goal is to make quality content that brings them through to the conversion stage and eventually fosters long-term brand loyalty. Your success is our success, which is why we tailor our marketing efforts to the clients who will help you achieve your goals.

To learn more about content marketing strategies at Scorpion and how we will map your content, contact us today.

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