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Scorpion gives you access to the latest artificial intelligence technology that helps ensure you rank on search engines like Google and Bing for terms your customers search for.

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Rank Better On Google With Scorpion Technology

Scorpion is the first search engine ranking software using artificial intelligence to give you specific ways to rank better on search engines. We provide our customers a data-driven analysis on their current search engine plans as well as actions we can take to make them better.

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into a strong search engine optimization strategy. Without the use of tools, though, a company can get overwhelmed with keyword options or even overuse them and get penalized.

Part of what makes search engine algorithms tick is changing how content is ranked and what is considered front-page worthy. Without AI, it can be challenging to pinpoint what those changes are and how frequently they’re made.

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Help Your Customers Find  You With Search Engine Technology

Search Engine Ranking technology from Scorpion will show you what keywords your customers are searching and provide a detailed plan on how to get to page 1. Best of all we have the team to help run the technology for you.

Search engine ranking strategy isn’t just about being at the right place (or page in this instance) at the right time. It also provides insightful data that can lead to new customer acquisition while maintaining the ever-changing ranking signals.

Making sure your website and content are set up so that people can find you on search engines is crucial. Scorpion has the best search engine technology to not only tell you what your customers search for, but also how you can make sure your business shows up.

Get a Comprehensive Strategy Plan with Search Engine Technology

Adding SEO keywords to your content doesn’t guarantee you’ll start ranking well. It’s a start, but there’s more involved with search engine marketing. There’s other strategies to consider and implement to really see a difference.

To achieve optimum search engine ranking, you want to consider all the avenues of organic traffic possibilities. That includes information from traffic metrics, ranking itself, and predictions of how your sites will rank in the future.

Scorpion Search Engine technology encompasses all these different strategies, including visibility, conversion, and amplification. It gives you a comprehensive look at how your sites can rank well on search engines, how to keep it that way, and how to react to the new traffic, so it drives revenue and builds your business.

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How to Get Started with Search Engine Ranking Technology

What Are Different Search Engine Strategies?

Just like with data, there are a lot of different search engine optimization strategies you can employ, depending on the goals you have for your business. Each company has different growth goals, but everyone wants to get noticed by customers. The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to rank well, but here are a few strategies to utilize to make that happen.

Presence and visibility strategies are all about getting noticed. Just like the unpopular kid who receives a transformation in teen movies, it’s about how you go about it. Using a presence strategy, you address how your brand looks across all boards, not just your website. That includes places like Google My Business, review sites, and social media. Visibility focuses on making sure you’re producing the right type of content that will get you boosted to the front page.

Persuasion and conversion strategies are all about what to do with the customer once you get them on to one of your pages. If your website doesn’t impress, your ideal customer will bounce quicker than a cookie from a cookie jar.

Conversion considers the customer journey and ensures their experience is seamless and pleasant. Persuasion keeps your content fresh, expert, and relevant. The core foundation of SEO optimization is your content. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, if your content is lacking, your customers won’t develop faith in your brand.

When to Use SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Unlike search engine optimization, search engine marketing, aka SEM, is a strategy that you pay for. Essentially, SEM utilizes search engine keywords but in ads rather than organic search results.

SEM ads often appear at the top of search engine sites (above organic results) and can be a great way to get your product or service out there without fighting with algorithms for the top spot. Understanding what keywords to use for SEM will follow the same route as standard SEO keyword searches.

Relying on AI and SEO technology is the best bet to know what your target audience is searching for so your efforts (marketing or organic) don’t go to waste.

What Small Businesses Should Understand About the Future of Search

Featured snippets have proven to be a useful tool for people searching for different topics and questions using a search engine. Businesses may not realize their content can become a featured snippet, but it’s one of the best ways to show up on the first page and build customer trust in your brand. Use SEO technology to pinpoint customer questions that you can answer and do so in your content.

Mobile-friendly websites are no longer a nice perk. They’re a demand by all smartphone users. Search engines like Google optimize mobile-friendly websites, so it’s imperative to search engine efforts that yours is as well.

With the explosion of digital advertising, customers utilize the internet to find businesses near them that meet their needs. In order to show up on their results page, your business needs to make sure you perform local SEO. You can start by ensuring you have an up-to-date Google My Business page, receive local reviews for your website, and take advantage of SEO technology to stand out from the crowd.

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  • What Is Search Engine Ranking?

    Google and Bing show results in their search engines based on content and websites that they feel match searches best. Investing time in ranking on search engines helps get your business free, qualified website visits and customers.

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    Ranking on search engines isn’t an easy task. Having the right partner and technology will help guide you to make the best decisions and not waste money.

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