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Attention Family Law Attorneys: How to Get Leads That Actually Turn into New Clients

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Family Law

If you haven’t had as many clients and cases in 2018 as you wanted, it might be time to consider a revised lead generation strategy for your family law practice.

With just a few short weeks to go before the New Year, planning your 2019 lead gen strategy now gives you a head start against the competition. The tips below should help point your digital sales funnel in the right direction, generating warmer, higher value leads in the process.

Start the Lead Nurturing Process Sooner by Helping Them Answer Questions

If you want leads that are more likely to convert to clients, you need to start building rapport earlier in the process. Many leads simply aren't ready to commit to an attorney when they start their search. They aren't susceptible to high-pressure sales tactics at this stage of the buying process and the risk is high that they'll be pushed away forever.

Instead of pushing these leads into the welcome arms of the competition, you should be helping them find answers to questions they have about the family law process. This way, you'll be the one they think of when they’re ready to select an expert family law attorney.

To create a compelling content marketing strategy, use these high-value tactics...

Create a master list of questions asked by your clients

You’ve answered countless questions from your clients. Now take the time to write them down. Speak with your secretaries, your attorneys, your investigators—everyone. Visit competitor sites and read their FAQs. Use Google’s auto-generate feature to find out what your leads are asking, and how they’re asking it. Generate a master question list from this research: it could give you years of topics for your content marketing efforts.

Consider a combination video/blog FAQ strategy

Writing blogs is time-consuming. So, make videos instead! Create a video FAQ compendium and then add the transcripts of each video beneath it. Google will rank your website higher with this strategy and the leads you assist will be very grateful for your help, and very generous with their business later on.

Get in Front of Higher Value Prospects with Paid Advertising

Great paid advertising campaigns are as much an art as they are a science. Here are a few ideas to help convert higher value leads with this tried-and-true advertising effort:

Advertise on legal review sites and family law publications

High-value leads who are searching for family law practitioners often turn to legal review sites and help sites to research their options. While many of the review sites don't allow advertising, you may be able to sponsor your family law practice and bring your profile to the top of their search results page. Meanwhile, display ads on high-traffic legal publications often bring in more qualified leads.

More general business review sites are also great advertising locations

Legal sites aren’t your only advertising options. Your law practice can benefit from more general websites as well, especially social media sites. Facebook, for instance, can identify potential clients with pinpoint-like accuracy, and can help keep you informed of what people are saying about your law firm.

Additionally, don’t forget to advertise on more general business review sites like Google and Yelp, too. These sites like you sponsor your practice and showcase your reviews at the very top of the search results.

Bonus Tip!

These sites should be checked on a regular basis to ensure your practice’s reputation is in good shape. High-value prospects will almost always check reviews before calling your office. If they see something they don’t like, they’ll take their business elsewhere before they even talk to you. And keep those listings up to date!


Our expert team at Scorpion can help you ace your legal marketing strategy. We can improve your web presence and help you maximize the acquisition of new divorce and other family law cases. Contact us to find out what we can do for your firm!

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