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How Do You Capture More Clients Online in 10 Seconds or Less?

Woman looking at a Laptop

You want more clients.

Specifically, you want more high-value cases.

But it’s not easy to get them...especially when you consider that you only have 10 seconds do it.

Why 10 seconds?—because that’s how long it takes a person to land on your website, look it over, and decide if you’re the right attorney for their case.

Which means you need to nail that first impression.

Here’s how...

Be brief

Attorneys have a natural tendency to be verbose when it comes to “formal writing” which is why many firms have text-heavy websites that intimidate potential clients. Even if the information being provided is helpful, too much text sends potential clients running.

Here’s an example:

Website with too much text not enough pictures

This is too much text.

Good. Bad. Doesn’t matter. Information overload is a real thing, and it costs attorneys clients and cases every single day.

When you’re writing for your firm’s website aim for brevity.

  • Make use of headlines to convey critical information
  • Use bullets to break apart services and benefits
  • Write in VERY simple terms that a 3rd grader can understand
    • Ex: “We’ll Fight for Your Rights and Freedom”

Be concise and straightforward—write with simplicity and economy.

Be visual

Did you know 72% of clients prefer video to text?

Well, it’s true, and it’s why you must work to minimize the use of text, and maximize the use of striking, personal images throughout your web pages.

Here’s a good example, Gharibian & Oliver.

Two women attorneys

In this example, the website utilizes several elements to capture attention, ground the user, and give them just enough information to call.

Homepage image

The two managing partners are shown in portrait, humanizing the firm and making the pair feel more relatable.

Direct tagline

“We help you protect what matters most.” This is a short declaration of value that allows visitors to connect with the firm’s central purpose.

Short headline

Practicing Family Law for Over 25 Years; a confidence builder that speaks to the expertise and value of the firm.

Be human

When you know a subject well (i.e. the law) it's easy to forget that others don’t.

And that’s when the “legalese” comes out.

Phrases like heretofore, aforementioned, herewith, and wherein should be removed from anything you’ve written on your website.

Why?—Because people don’t talk like that.

If you want to capture a person’s attention within the first 10 seconds of them landing on your website, they need to relate to you—which means you need to speak their language.

Ask yourself: Who is my ideal client?

Are they suburban, first-time drug offenders?

Are they working professionals considering divorce?

Or are they car accident victims hit by drunk drivers?

Clearly identify your ideal potential client and speak to who they are.

When a prospect lands on your website, they want to connect with another human. Someone who understands them. Someone who won’t judge them. And most importantly, someone who can help them.

So, make it easy.

Show them you understand.

And give them a direct means to contact you—even if it’s just to talk about their case and ask a few questions. Offering this kind of access won’t always lead to a new client, but it will build the trust necessary to capture more of them.

Want to learn more about capturing prospects online?

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