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How Scorpion Helps You Track Your Law Firm Marketing Efforts

Find out how Scorpion can help your law firm track your efforts to get more clients and grow your success as a firm.
Caitlyn Blair

3 ways our marketing team helps with tracking efforts

As a lawyer, you wouldn’t make a case without having all of the information you need, and you shouldn’t be expected to make marketing decisions without it either. At Scorpion, we understand how important it is to know the results of your marketing efforts and direct your spending accordingly. With our dashboard, you will never wonder where your budget is going or what needs to be done to improve your rankings. We will track this information and report it all to you. These are some of the ways we go about this process:

As a busy lawyer, you are likely on the go often. Our mobile app gives you the ability to check in on your marketing stats when it is convenient for you. This means you will be able to run advertising campaigns, communicate with leads, and view your client engagements and business growth no matter where you are. Overall, our app provides you with all the necessary tools to help you accomplish your daily tasks and make informed marketing decisions. With Scorpion, our team goes a step further to help propel your firm. Not only do we show you how your marketing goals are panning out, but our team of experts will provide you with personalized recommendations according to our findings.

Another important way to track your law firm's marketing efforts is through technology integrations. At Scorpion, we offer technology integrations as a way for your firm to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. We do this by providing services like website management, search engine ranking, content marketing, and digital advertising and then integrating these services into your existing systems. Our team will evaluate and optimize your existing technology and make recommendations on the best integrations that will improve your system’s performance.

When your firm has access to our cutting-edge artificial intelligence, you will also have access to insights that help you understand the current state of your law firm, seek out opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. Our platform will track down the data you need to get quality insights on your advertising, search engine ranking, and other marketing activities. The work that goes into creating AI technology may sound complicated, but it will be very simple for you to access. All of these insights will appear on your dashboard and will be easy for you to access. Our team of experts will walk you through the insights that are most necessary for your team to make the decisions needed to run your best law firm.

Tracking your marketing efforts: why it can make or break your law firm

When all of our tracking capabilities work together with our team, you will be able to know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and which ones are producing the highest ROI. The difference between Scorpion and most other marketing firms is that we have dedicated our careers to the success of law firms specifically. This has given us a unique understanding of the day-to-day schedules of most law firms, including the fact that larger law firms often have a team that handles the communications, and many of these communications can become lost in the noise. That is why we find it so important to streamline these communications and provide a dashboard that provides total transparency into your progress.

The importance of tracking these efforts and leads cannot be understated. When you have a proper tracking system in place, you will find that the following comes much easier:

  • Higher conversion rates

When you work with Scorpion, we will be by your side to track all the interactions that your marketing efforts create, from the first phone call to the first appointment. We will also make this tracking system simple so you can have access to it yourself. This information will help you understand where most of your leads come from and direct more marketing efforts there.

  • Improved client communications

When you have more insight into where your most consistent communications are coming from, you can use our portal to keep in touch with these clients. You will also have valuable insights into who these clients are and what their needs are, which will allow us to market to your target audience more effectively in the future.

  • Return-on-investment (ROI) insights

As a lawyer, every minute of your time counts, and every marketing dollar should have a clear purpose. When we can track your marketing efforts, we will also be able to measure the success of each campaign. For example, we can measure the interactions and engagements against the number of new leads acquired over the long term. This will give both your team and ours better insight into the journey that your particular clients follow before arriving at your firm. Not only will this help you to more effectively allocate your marketing budget, but it will help you to put yourself in your client’s shoes, which will help you better serve them in the years to come.

Ready to take control of your marketing efforts and see real results? Contact the team at Scorpion today to track your progress and run your best law firm.

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