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[Q&A Video and Recap] How Family Law Firms Can Thrive (Not Just Survive) During COVID-19

Jonny Kousa

One of our clients, Jonny Kousa, was kind enough to share his time and answer some essential questions concerning the ramifications of the coronavirus and how family law firms can thrive during this global pandemic.

Jonny is a family law attorney who serves the South Florida Metropolitan area of Palm Beach, Boward, and Miami Dade counties. Hear what he has to say about the impact of COVID-19 and the steps he’s taken to increase his business.

Watch the video below or read through the quick recap of our Q&A with Jonny.

Q & A Highlights


How have you seen this affect the family law industry as a whole?


  • We haven’t seen a significant difference in our business. If anything, we have seen an increase in our web traffic.
  • March of 2020 has been better than March of 2019!
  • We proceed with caution, knowing that people are going to have less money as COVID-19 continues.
  • Our goal is to match or beat April of last year, and as long as we stay positive, work hard, and keep our advertising budget the same, I believe we’ll come out of this looking good.


Have you seen an influx of particular calls?


Yes. More calls in terms of custody and parents having major disagreements about how to take care of their kids during this global pandemic.
We are having more calls with questions about how they should proceed in their divorce and custody of children explicitly relating to the coronavirus.


What should an attorney implement immediately in their practice operations?


  • Not everyone is unemployed, and we are coming off the best economy ever.
  • Many people are still working, and we haven’t hit rock bottom yet as a country.
  • You need to be more aggressive in your advertising because many of your competitors are taking it easy during this time.
  • Many lawyers are going into self-preservation and spending less on advertising, but that isn’t necessary yet.
  • There is never a better time to grow than right now.
    • More than ever, families need your services because the pandemic has put them in a position that produces more severe conflicts.
  • The pandemic is a time more than ever to put yourself out there in front of people who are looking for help.


What best practices are you implementing to communicate with your current client?


  • We've been using Zoom for video chat.
  • Some courts are using Zoom for hearings and trials. The business hasn't stopped; it's just changed.
  • You need to seek the best way to communicate, depending on your client.
    • Sometimes that's a video chat, sometimes it's a phone call, but not communicating isn't an option.
  • You can communicate with your client as much as you used to if you try.

To summarize

Even in these troubling times, Jonny is finding the silver lining for his law firm. He believes there is no reason his business can't thrive, even during the coronavirus. Why? Because people still need help settling the conflicts in their families using the law—and during this pandemic, they need that help more than ever. That’s why Jonny advises family law firms to stay in front of potential clients with an aggressive marketing strategy at this time.

For more helpful information about how to adjust your law firm’s strategy during the current crisis, visit our COVID-19 resource page for attorneys. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions.