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Tips to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Law Firm

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The worldwide pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought a level of uncertainty and heightened anxiety into our communities. This period of uncertainty has also raised questions about what law firms should be doing during these times to minimize the impact of coronavirus on their practices and how to maintain their position as a secure source of information and support for their clients.

With so much news floating out there today, our experts have come together to provide marketing and business advice you can apply from a trusted source that will help you navigate these turbulent times.

Keep your client communication clear and consistent

First and foremost, the importance of consistent and accurate information during this time cannot be overstated. Your clients are under duress, not only from their legal matter, but also from the current state of the world. Be their anchor of support and reaffirm your law firm’s commitment to providing them with reliable information and sound advice when they need it.

Most of your clients may not want to visit your office right now due to safety concerns, so staying in constant communication with them will alleviate any fears they may have about their case not being legally represented as they await a resolution.

Stay agile and be ready to pivot quickly

The state of this pandemic is changing day to day, so your law firm must be ready to act quickly in response to the current situation. Consider providing additional remote services for your clients, such as appointments via telephone and virtual meetings. Your practice does not need to completely go dark if you are able to take steps such as these to continue to speak with clients while following recommendations for social distancing and other safety measures. In fact, if you’re able to hold appointments virtually, your law firm will be part of the minority of practices that will be able to maintain a continuity of business.

It’s also a good time to focus on your law firm’s brand. While we’re still seeing an all-time high in Internet searches for various legal practice areas, your clients may not be in a position to hire you during this period. Staying in front of this audience and keeping your brand top-of-mind will position you to retain new clients when they feel it’s safe to move forward with legal representation.

By keeping the public aware of your services and providing support and counsel on the legal matters your firm represents, you will position yourself as a trusted expert for your potential and current clients. Remember, your clients still have legal matters that they are turning to the Internet to find solutions for, so now is a good time to provide value that can put them at ease — ultimately leading to additional clients retaining your services in the future.

Trust the experts to guide your law firm

Just like you serve as the trusted advisor for your clients’ legal matters, you also need the support and advice of experts to protect your firm’s well-being and best interests. With the right guidance, you can make better business decisions that will affect your firm both now and in the future — especially during these uncertain times.

As a result, make sure your marketing partner is focused on how the coronavirus is impacting your current campaigns, and confirm they’re able to quickly make adjustments that are necessary to prevent your firm from falling behind. Make certain that you’re in constant communication with your partner and be ready to shift strategies based on their recommendations.

Continue to plan for the long term

The slowdown of business across the nation will not continue forever, so stay on the forefront of your business planning for the next few months, as well as the next few years. Set reasonable goals that take into account the current landscape while keeping in mind that when the times change for the better once again, you’ll need to be ready to implement your growth plans to achieve future business goals.

Consumer behavior has certainly changed during this time, but legal representation will still be in high demand in this country, and having a strategic plan that’s ready to execute when times get better will put your law firm ahead of the pack.

Deliver value now

While clients are less likely to come to your office during this period, your firm can (and should) still deliver value to potential clients. Consider new marketing channels that your practice can leverage in the current state of emergency, during which time consumers are most likely doing research for future hiring decisions.

Implement the use of video on mediums such as YouTube to answer questions and provide reassurance. Stay active with followers via your social media accounts to keep the human connection thriving during these times when people are remaining physically distant from each other. If you find yourself with additional time on your hands, as many Americans are currently, use that time to remind your potential clients that your law firm is here to serve as a resource for them, and then be ready to help answer their questions and engage with them.

Placing your firm in a position to succeed despite the challenges

While there are certainly more questions than answers right now about COVID-19, relying on the support of trusted partners will help to mitigate any negative impact on your practice, and even help you strengthen your business in the long run. At Scorpion, we will continue to provide marketing and business support that can guide your practice through these uncharted waters.

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions — we’re happy to help your law firm get through the challenges we’re all currently facing. We look forward to better days ahead together.

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