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Today, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger is one of the premier criminal defense firms in Albany...but it wasn’t always that way. To improve his reputation in the community and attract more cases, Eric enlisted the help of a marketing partner he could trust.

  • Main Practice Area: Criminal Defense
  • Challenge: Overcoming the odds and beating the recession with a new firm.
  • Location: Albany, NY
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The Challenge

For those who care to remember, 2009 wasn’t a great year for the legal industry, but that was the year Eric K. Schillinger graduated near the top of his class at Albany Law School. In a normal year, someone with Eric’s grades and reputation would have been a shoe-in for any number of coveted clerkships in greater Albany. But at the height of the recession?—those clerkships went to Ivy-Leaguers.

Dejected but not defeated, Eric took the bar, passed, and began looking for a job—any job—that would allow him to use his new legal license. Eventually, in 2010, he found a rather unique opportunity at a local firm. Rather than work as a salaried member of the practice, Eric would work on a 1099, assisting a partner on the cusp of retirement. The contract wouldn’t pay much, maybe $35,000 a year, but it came with free office space that Eric could use to meet with potential clients as he started his solo criminal defense practice.

There Eric would stay, assisting the firm as a contractor and constructing his own legal practice, until November of 2018, when he opened his own brand-new legal offices in downtown Albany.

“When I made the decision to get out of there and really get out on my own—you know, open my own office, and all that—I knew it was the right thing to do, but it was still nerve-wracking.”

Eric K. Schillinger, Founder, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger

The Keys to Success
1. Rebranding as a true Albany criminal defense practice.

“Actually putting our office in downtown Albany was huge—Google recognized the difference right away and it helped us improve our organic search ranking.”

Eric K. Schillinger, Founder, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger

The client's website on an iPad.

2. Spending money on pay-per-click advertising.

“I was always confident that pay-per-click advertising would work for my firm, but I never expected it to work THIS well. Things have been crazy—you’re smashing it day and night!”

Eric K. Schillinger, Founder, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger

A screen shot of the client's website and with a google ad.

3. Taking the constructive coaching advice of legal marketing experts.

“You helped me realize the issue wasn’t my campaign or the quality of the leads….the issue was me. The way I was speaking to potential clients was running them into the arms of my competitors. If your team didn’t bring that problem to my attention, I don’t know if I ever would have recognized it."
Eric K. Schillinger, Founder, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger

The Outcome

  • revenue generated in the first six weeks of 2019 $50,000
  • ROI The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger is seeing on a $6,000/month investment 5-to-1
  • Projected number of files to be opened in 2019, up 75% from 2018 252

When attorney Eric K. Schillinger made the decision to open his very own law firm in downtown Albany, and sign with a marketing partner in November of 2018, he did so with a lot on the table. Not only would the move require a substantial commitment of cash, but if it all went awry it could lead to unwanted hardship for his young family at home.

Rather than let fear or apprehension get the best of him, Eric bet on himself, his practice, and a marketing partner he could trust.

And who was that marketing partner?—Scorpion.

Hear from Eric K. Schillinger

"What can I say other than ‘Scorpion delivers A+ results’? I mean, you guys have been incredible. My phone is ringing non-stop, I’m getting higher-quality clients, and January was the biggest month in the history of my firm. It’s been crazy in the best way "

Eric Schillinger Founder, The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger
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