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The Law Office of Kevin Cahill is a criminal defense firm operating in Denver, Colorado. With a desire to increase his lead volume and call quality, Kevin Cahill recognized his previous marketing system needed a change. After some research and fact-finding, he found progress with Scorpion.

  • Main Practice Area Criminal Defense
  • CHALLENGE Lack of lead attribution and Marketing ROI
  • LOCATION Denver, CO

The Challenge
Undefined Lead Attribution & A Poor Return on Marketing Dollars Spent

Starting his own practice in 2014, Kevin Cahill did what most attorneys do when hanging their shingle in a competitive industry: he hired a marketing company to increase his visibility and drive him more business. Although gaining a fresh website and a team focused on search engine optimization (SEO) was certainly a step forward, Kevin realized quickly that his system just wasn’t working the way he needed.

Looking for an alternative option, Kevin did what we’d all do when vetting options: he asked around. Having known about Scorpion’s product and service but still apprehensive about the cost, he reached out to firms around the country and found the same message repeated again and again: “give it a try.”

So, he did.

The Solution
1. Implemented a Full Site Rebuild

With an appreciation for Scorpion’s design aesthetic, Kevin worked with Scorpion to rebuild and modernize his website to emphasize functionality, education, and conversion.

The Solution
2. Established Lead Attribution System and Proven Paid Search Strategy

Through the inclusion of Scorpion’s dashboard system, Kevin was able to see exactly where his leads were coming from and when. He also addressed his pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy and revamped it to target clients that were a greater fit for Kevin’s firm.

The Solution
3. Increased Both Lead Volume and Quality

Through a more targeted approach that worked to build consistent and stable calls that generated real casework, Kevin was able to see a significant spike in his call volume and lead quality.

The Outcome

  • Average Leads per month 131
  • call conversion rate 77%
  • increase overall page rank  44%

Within the 12 months, the Law Office of Kevin Cahill has partnered with Scorpion, Kevin’s gained more than an average 131 leads coming in per month; and with it, the freedom of choice. Where a lack of consistent calls or quality clients may have meant taking cases or clients that weren’t always ideal, with choice has come the ability to better manage his time. To be picky and get exactly what he wants, every time.

He also gained a boost to his SEO rank and overall visibility in search, jumping up 44% in his overall page rank. With the Scorpion dashboard system, he now insight into where his leads are coming from and the return that for every dollar spent, it’s coming back a few times over.

AdWords Campaign Delivers a 2,400% Increase in Monthly Leads

Hear from Kevin Cahill

"To me it feels like a genuine partnership, if I email my marketing manager, she will email me back inside of 10 minutes. Every time. I don’t have a lot of issues but in the past it may have taken 4 days for someone to say we’ll look into that. The amount of service that Scorpion provides is incredible. There’s just so many people there working to help you succeed."

Kevin Cahill The Law Office of Kevin Cahill, Law Office of Kevin Cahill
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