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Alvandi Law Group

Alvandi Law Group provides high-quality workers’ compensation counsel to injured employees and their families throughout California. The Irvine-based law firm’s attorneys are backed by more than 30 years of experience and have recovered more than $100 million in settlements for their clients.

  • Client Industry Legal
  • Challenge Low-quality leads at a high cost per new client
  • Location Irvine, CA

The Challenge

Poor Leads, High Costs, & Non-Existent Service

As a workers’ compensation firm that had been around for well over a decade, Alvandi Law Group had experience working with all types of marketing vendors—including many of the “top” companies. The problem was the firm was spending a lot of money on their digital marketing each month only to get poor leads, a client acquisition cost, and substandard customer support.

Attorney Gil Alvandi eventually heard about Scorpion from a colleague and decided to give the Internet marketing company a try.


The Solution

Mobile-Friendly Website

With the help of Scorpion, Alvandi Law Firm fully redesigned their website, making it mobile-friendly and giving it a fresh look.

Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

They improved their PPC ads and targeting, which allowed them to reach prospective clients who were more likely to use their services.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

They continually optimized their ad campaigns to improve their digital marketing results over time.


The Outcome

More Clients, Improved Cost Efficiency, & Better Support
  • More Cases Per Month 3x
  • Cost Reduction Per New Client 1/3
  • Monthly Website Visitors 2.5x

From their partnership with Scorpion, Alvandi Law Group was able to substantially improve their marketing efforts and return on investment. Growing from a place of poor leads, high marketing costs, and substandard support from their previous marketing vendor, Alvandi Law Group was able to increase their monthly case acquisitions by more than 300%.

Their new efforts also had an effect on their costs. Not only were they able to draw in more revenue from new clients, but were able to reduce the cost of client acquisition by 33% and more than double their online traffic to their website. Where Alvandi Law Group had once struggled to see a clear and direct return to their marketing efforts, now they feel like their results are finally matching their efforts.


Client Testimonial

“The number of clients have gone up tremendously... [Before] we were getting a lot of leads, but we weren’t signing up those leads. With Scorpion, we’re signing up the majority of the cases we're getting because it’s so focused and so detail-oriented that the clients that are coming in know exactly what they want and [that] we’re the right fit for them.” Gil Alvandi - Founder & CEO, Alvandi Law Group

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