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Your Law Firm is Wasting Good Legal Leads: Here's How to Stop It


Time is a factor.

Did you know...

  • 50% of consumers choose the service provider that is the first to respond.

  • There’s a 21x higher chance of turning a lead into a new client if the lead is contacted within the first 5 minutes.

  • 47% of your competition is failing to respond at all

Whether you’re hanging your own shingle or leading the marketing efforts of your firm as a whole, how you choose to apply your time can mean the difference between success and failure. For most attorneys out there, the day-to-day requirements of the job can demand one’s focus completely:

  • Spending time in the courtroom

  • Meeting with clients

  • Case research and paperwork

This can leave very little time to focus on your marketing efforts. And worse still, these constraints can put you out of contact with one of the most important avenues for acquiring new business—the phone line.

When a prospective client needs a lawyer, they tend to need one quickly—meaning that if an attorney fails to pick up the phone, the client is moving down the list until they find one that will.

A lead is an opportunity for new business, so missing even one can have a significant impact on your firm’s stability and growth.

The time and money spent building your marketing efforts—your website, online ads, overall web presence, etc.—are meant to generate leads. So, by allowing a call to go unanswered, an email unresponded, or a contact form ignored, you’re allowing good legal leads to go to waste, ultimately forfeiting time and money on the front and back end.

Here are a few tips on how to stop it.

Give Calls the Sense of Urgency They Deserve

Imagine every time someone called you, there was a chance they’d give you money.

You’d try to answer every call.

The sense of urgency in answering or responding to calls must be handled with the highest priority. Although it’s impossible as a working attorney to answer every call, you can implement a practice of responding immediately, and then following up.

Hire Help to Make Your Firm Available at All Times

Don’t rely on voicemail. Prospective clients are looking to speak with a real person as soon as possible, so if you can’t be available to answer relevant questions and vet them as potential clients, hire someone who can. This will dramatically cut down your loss of new business and allow you to qualify good legal leads/calls that come in while you’re out of the office.

If a full-time secretary or assistant feels like it may be too much, outsourcing this function to a call conversion and live chat support team can be an effective and cost-reducing alternative.

Start Choosing Your Clients: Define A Quality Lead

Sure, a good portion of your business will come through referrals. That’s how it’s supposed to be. However, to rely on that is to pull the cart before the horse; you’ve got to generate clients in order to get referrals. And though your current response time may be same-day during business hours, a significant portion of your leads will likely come in after you’ve closed up.

And making these processes more efficient doesn’t necessarily mean investing money—just fine-tuning your lead vetting or qualifying process.

To do this, determine what your ideal client looks like and seek them out. For example...

  • What services are they seeking?

  • What are the circumstances of their needs?

  • Can they meet your expectations as a client?

Your time is everything, and not every lead will be a great one, but with each call or online message serving as raffle ticket to win the ideal client, it’s best to answer as many as you can.

Scorpion is a digital marketing agency specializing in law firm marketing. Using time-tested practices, we’ve continued to help attorneys across the U.S. build their web presence, attract more clients, and grow their firms.

Contact our team to find out how we can help you turn more leads into clients!