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5 Crazy DUI Stories That Made the News


We’ve all heard them—stories of extreme, unlikely, or just plain absurd DUI arrests and cases. As a seasoned DUI defense attorney, you probably have your own long list of wild stories to tell. Perhaps there are DUI cases you’ve won or charges you’ve been able to get reduced, despite all the odds being stacked up against your client.

In honor of the DUI lawyers out there who have seen it all, we have put together a round-up of a few crazy DUI news stories from various parts of the country. These include one resolved case and four arrests. Have you ever represented a DUI case like any of these?

Woman Says Her Body Brews Its Own Alcohol, Gets Out of DUI Charges

Yes, she was driving with a blood alcohol over four times the legal limit, but it wasn’t her fault—her body brews its own alcohol! An upstate New York woman was able to get her DUI charges dismissed after showing evidence that she has a condition called “auto-brewery syndrome.” According to the CNN article reporting the story, this is an extremely rare condition (also known as gut-fermentation syndrome) that causes abnormally high amounts of gastrointestinal yeast, which converts into ethanol. The woman’s attorney said he could tell there was something to the woman’s story because the hospital that the woman was taken to by police wanted to release her right away due to the fact that she wasn’t showing symptoms of intoxication.

Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes into NYPD Officer’s Home

This suspected drunk driver made a grand entrance into his DUI arrest—he crashed right into the backyard of a NYPD officer’s Staten Island home. According to NBC 4 New York, the suspect’s Volvo brought down nearly all the posts of the officer’s deck and crushed part of his pool in the middle of the night. It was reported that the suspect told the officer he would pay for the damages and asked him not to call the police (obviously not knowing his occupation). The driver was arrested for alleged DUI. He later returned to apologize to the family, saying he did not remember the crash.

DUI Suspect Allegedly Offers Booze & Cash to Cop

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? Well, it doesn’t quite work that way with cops. That didn’t stop a 24-year-old man in Marietta, Ga. from allegedly trying to bribe an officer with $400 and some beer. According to 11Alive News (an NBC affiliate in Atlanta) report, the driver reportedly made the offer during a traffic stop after the officer spotted a half-full bottle of a Corona in the vehicle. He ended up facing the following charges: DUI, open container, bribery, failing to obey authorized persons directing traffic, and reckless driving.

Public Defender Charged with DUI & Assault on Officer

This was more than just your routine DUI stop—not only did it involve an Anne Arundel, Md. public defender, but also an alleged assault on an officer. According to the Associated Press (via WTOP), the public defender was pulled over before she allegedly refused to perform a sobriety test, and then cursed at the officers and kneed one of them in the groin. The public defender is now facing charges for both DUI and second-degree assault.

Driver Pulled Over with Tree Sticking Out of Car

In this case, officers in Roseville, Ill. pulled a woman over after seeing something a bit out of the ordinary—a 15-foot tree sticking right out the front of the driver’s vehicle. ABC10 (KXTV) reports that upon making the stop, the officers also noticed that the vehicle’s airbags had been deployed. After speaking with the woman, they came to the conclusion that she was under the influence, which led to her arrest. The Roseville Police Department posted the video on its Facebook page with the message: “Don’t Drink and Drive!”

Sharpening Your DUI Defense Skills

What’s the craziest DUI case you’ve ever had to handle? If you’re a DUI defense attorney, you’re probably busy working with all types of DUI matters—from the most routine arrests and cases to those that will forever be emblazoned in your mind for their uniqueness, and possibly their complexity. It’s important to always be prepared for whatever type of DUI case comes your way. One way to do that is through seminars, such as the DUIDLA Mile High Summer Seminar for 2016.

This seminar is being held in Denver, CO from July 7-9 by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA). I will be giving a presentation on Thursday, July 7 from 1:10-1:30 p.m. about how DUI defense lawyers can use Internet marketing strategies to get better cases and grow their practices. Come check out this session for must-know attorney marketing tips that can put you ahead of your competitors.
Not attending the seminar? You can register here. The event features three days of DUI and DUID defense education taught by industry experts.