Facebook Live Interview: Best Marketing Practices for Home Services Pros During COVID-19

Dan Dowdy

Want some practical advice to help your home services business get through the current pandemic and prepare for future reopening? Watch this episode of “In the Trenches” streamed on Facebook Live by Built for the Trades.

In the video, Dan Dowdy, Founder of Built for the Trades, interviews Josh Smith, the Vice President of Internet Marketing for Scorpion’s Home Services division, about the best way for business owners to move forward with their marketing and keep their business on track.

Josh covers topics such as:

  • The dangers of having a “bunker mentality” with your digital marketing when adversity strikes
  • How to determine which types of marketing to continue during the current crisis
  • How COVID-19 is affecting your target customers’ online activity
  • The importance of branding and working “on the business” when things slow down

Watch the video here:

For more helpful tips for bringing your business out of this pandemic stronger than ever, visit our COVID-19 resource page or contact us directly.