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Podcast Recap: Tips on Business Expansion from West Houston Electric

Cheryl McRae's Headshot Cheryl McRae Director of Vertical Marketing

As a third-generation, family-owned and -operated electrical service business that has served some high-profile clients — including George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush in 1991 — the team at West Houston Electric has enough experience under the belts to share some valuable insights with others in the industry… including what it takes to successfully expand your business.

That’s why we recently featured Steven Deyo, Vice President of West Houston Electric, on The Sharpest Tool podcast. This podcast shares valuable business and marketing insights for home services professionals.

Pivoting & Expanding the Business

According to Steven, years of a strong family work ethic combined with the attention that West Houston Electric received for some of their high-profile jobs resulted in a spike in demand for their residential services. This led to the company’s shift in focus from the commercial market to the residential market, which came with some growing pains but ultimately ended up a success. Steven says some of the factors that have led to the company’s success are their top-down approach to leadership and their clear-cut processes for delivering great customer service.

West Houston Electric has also grown in other ways, with Steven leading the charge in expanding the business from Katy, Texas to Los Angeles California. A major driver behind this expansion was the opportunity to capitalize on changing trends within the industry, such as the rising popularity of smart homes, LED lighting, electric cars, solar power, and more.

For other companies that are also looking to expand, Steven shares advice like:

  • Staying on top of changing industry trends
  • Recognizing new opportunities for expansion
  • Learning from other experts in the industry
  • Building a strong company culture

For helpful insights for growing your business, listen to the episode here!

About the Author
Cheryl McRae's Headshot Cheryl McRae Director of Vertical Marketing

Cheryl McRae is the Director of Vertical Marketing and Producer of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast. She spearheads Scorpion’s strategy for educating home services businesses about digital marketing and connecting them to solutions for acquiring new customers. Cheryl brings more than 15 years of award-winning national and international marketing expertise to the Scorpion team. When Cheryl isn’t working, she’s typically busy kickboxing, strength training, hiking, and enjoying California’s beautiful weather and Pacific Ocean.

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