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This Year's Best Plumbing Jokes


We know that plumbing involves serious work, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be serious all the time. The industry can be tough — long and exhausting days, backbreaking work, and new challenges every day. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best plumbing jokes and memes of 2022 for you to enjoy and share with your coworkers.

Plumbing Jokes and Plumbing Memes

While you kick back and relax after a long shift, enjoy these funny plumbing memes to get you ready for another day.

1. That Relatable Feeling 

We've all been there. After a complicated fix and a job well done, you explain your hard work to your client and they have no idea what you're talking about. If you've ever felt this way, you're definitely not alone. 


2. The Smallest Person on the Team 

When you’re working on a job, does size really matter? If you're the one on the team that always gets sent into the tiniest, darkest, grossest crawlspaces, we feel your pain. 

3. Not the Oil Again 

Hot cooking oil poured down the sink? Most plumbers have seen it. But customers never seem to learn. 

4. New Tools, New Messes 

When you get those brand new, shiny tools, they feel like your most treasured possessions. You keep them neatly organized and handle them with care. But by day two, they're just another part of the job. 

5. With Scissors? 

We can all poke a bit of fun at those who don’t really understand or know plumbing vernacular.

6. Halloween 2022

Are you a plumber? Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? How about Mario Kart? If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect Halloween costume for 2022. When a plumber goes grey, they're not calling for brains anymore. It's all about the drains. 

7. Ironic Serial Number

As an experienced plumber, you've seen plenty of serial numbers. But how about this one? It essentially provides directions on how to use the toilet!

8. Exorcism Gone Wrong 

Ever seen a pipe burst this badly? If you get a call from a customer about this job, you might be better off calling a priest. 

9. Better Than a Partner

You love your partner more than anything. But every plumber knows that the meaning of true love runs deeper — when you find a great helper, you cherish them. 

10. Waiting for a Customer Review

You arrive at your customer’s home ready to provide plumbing services. By the time you leave, the customer has a smile on their face. Yet, they haven’t left you a Google or Yelp review. Maybe next time. 

11. Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Good 

Everybody wants to save money, and your plumbing work is no exception. But going for a cheaper job can end in total disaster. If they wanted the job done right, maybe they should have come to you first. For now, though, we'll just roll our eyes and laugh it off. 

12. Apprentice or Toddler? 

It's a rite of passage. You got teased during your apprenticeship, and now it's time to deliver the same experience to the newbie you just hired. Until they get some experience under their belt, they're not just being trained — they're being potty trained. 

13. A Plumber… But Also a Yoga Teacher and Contortionist 

One could argue that a lot of plumbing work requires twisting into weird positions to get the perfect angle. So why waste your time and money learning the art of yoga when you could just become a plumber instead?

14. Great Advertising 

In the home services industry, we could all use a little marketing help — so here’s some ad inspiration. In the world of plumbing, it’s always a good day to deliver crack-free services. 

15. Plumbing At Its Finest 

Is there anything more satisfying than beautiful pipework? If only every job could look like this. 

16. Obligatory Cat Meme 

Is it really a meme roundup if there isn't one that includes a cat? We’ve all seen that customer who gets a bit ahead of themself and tries to DIY a tricky job (with nothing but a Home Depot wrench and some duct tape). Even this cat knows that situation won’t end well. 

17. They're "Helping" 

Now we need a dog meme. The next time a friendly pet interrupts your work, just remember they’re trying their best to lend a helping hand.

18. A Plumbing Prank

Does your helper have a good sense of humor? Then we've got the perfect new tool to add to your collection and get a reaction out of them. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether you’re poking playful fun at the industry or indulging in some inside jokes with your team, plumbing jokes and memes are a great way to kick back and have a laugh after a long day on the job.

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