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13 Plumber Advertising Ideas for Your Next Campaign

plumber advertising

Running a successful business isn’t as simple as having a profitable product/service and selling it. Advertising is critical to running a service-based business, such as plumbing, if you want to create a loyal customer base.

Due to the broadness of this industry, a plumbing business is easier to advertise than most other products or services. Simply put, everyone needs a plumber at some point. The question is: how do you convince them you have the right plumbers for them?

This is why it’s crucial to be creative with your next campaign. Look no further if you’re stuck in a marketing rut, wondering how to generate plumbing leads and turn visitors into customers. These 13 plumber advertising ideas will make your plumbing business visible to the right people in your next campaign.

1. Functional Website

The first step to increasing the online visibility of your plumbing business is to create a cohesive, functional website. This website must detail every necessary resource for your local business, building customer trust.

Your website is a crucial aspect of plumbing marketing because it provides resourceful links via ads and reviews that lead to the right pages on your website. The primary aim of your plumbing business website is to turn a visitor into a customer.

You can do so by building a responsive, mobile-friendly, and resourceful website that tells your customer everything they need to know about your business. That includes the list of services offered, locations covered, your plumbing business history, contact information, and other essential elements.

Here are 17 plumber website designs for inspiration to help you take the first essential step to digital marketing.

2. Content Playgrounds

Digital marketing for your plumbing business through a website is only successful if your site is interactive, intuitive, and resourceful. Customers shouldn't have trouble navigating your site or leave with questions unanswered.

The best way to ensure that is by offering binge-able content that allows the customer to trust you and your expertise. Creating a content marketing strategy that offers a playground of content to consume will help build your authority and trustworthiness. You can offer videos, guides, infographics, and blogs which help customers feel well-informed before hiring your services.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Another crucial digital marketing approach to advertising your plumbing business is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of optimizing your content and website to rank higher in search engine results.

That includes adding relevant keywords to your content, page titles, meta tags, and image alt tags while ensuring the content remains meaningful and informative. In addition, you can utilize SEO services to figure out how to make your content rank higher.

4. Local SEO

An essential way to practice SEO in your plumbing marketing campaign is by focusing on local SEO. When Google ads completely dominate the first page, it can be difficult to rank your plumbing business higher in search engine results.

In that case, the best alternative is to opt for local SEO. This is much easier than appealing to a broader audience because plumbing businesses typically only cater to specific towns or cities.

First, claiming your listing on Google My Business is an essential local SEO practice. It allows you to easily display local services ads requiring contact information, hours of operation, photos, and reviews of your business. You may also link to blogs, videos, or infographics in this listing.

The more detailed your Google My Business listing is, the more trustworthy you appear to customers. Keeping track of Google Reviews under this listing is essential as it displays your ability to provide customer support.

5. Google Guarantee

If you’re using Google Ads to promote your plumbing business, it’s best to take advantage of its Google Guarantee feature. This feature is available to businesses once they pass the Google Local Services screening and qualification process.

This will allow you to display your Google Ads at the top of search engine results with a “Google Guaranteed” badge. This can increase customer trust significantly and allows you to generate more plumbing leads.

6. Keyword Planner

One of the essential SEO practices is keyword planning or incorporation. However, if you’re not sure which keywords are relevant to your plumbing business and content, Google Keywords Planner can help you discover which are best.

Using this keyword-generating tool is easier than you think. Follow these steps to plan keyword incorporation with the Google Keywords Planner:

  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Click on Tools from the main menu and select Keywords Planner.
  • Under “Find new keywords and get search volume data,” select “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category.”
  • Enter the keyword you want to target. In this case, it should be “plumber” or “plumbing.”
  • Google will display a list of popular keywords you should target with your content.

In this case, you’ll see general keywords like “plumbers near,” “local plumbers,” “plumbing services,” “emergency plumber,” and “plumbing companies.” You’ll also see keywords like “toilet repair,” “drain cleaning,” “clogged drain,” and “clogged toilet,” which are more specific to the services you offer.

If you spot a keyword about a service you offer, include it in your content so you can show up in search results. You can reach a potential customer by posting a blog or video on a topic they're searching for such as fixing a clogged drain.

7. Social Media

More than half of the global population uses social media, so it’s safe to say that social media marketing is one of the first steps of digital marketing. Social media platforms are a great way to reach a bigger audience and help you build customer trust.

For example, sharing short DIY videos on TikTok for minor plumbing issues is a great way to earn customer trust. So, when they face a major plumbing issue, they’ll count on your expertise to have their back.

8. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most important social media platform to promote your plumbing business. For example, Facebook videos get twice as many clicks as images or statuses. However, Facebook ads are an investment.

These paid ads reach a bigger audience and offer high profitability, with 98% of social media marketers benefiting from increased ROI from Facebook ads. You may also use ads to recruit professional plumbers for your business.

9. Exclusive Discounts

One of the main ways you can benefit from social media marketing is by offering exclusive offers and discounts to customers that follow your social media pages. You may offer these coupons and discounts in exchange for their emails, which you can later use for email marketing purposes.

10. Cross Promotion

Social media is the perfect platform to practice cross-promotion, which allows you to tap into audiences you couldn’t access before. You can do so by collaborating with other businesses that complement your services.

11. Content Guides

Content-based promotion is the most popular way to advertise your plumbing business. This method gives you creative freedom and allows you to guide your customers through your services.

Your blog can discuss how your plumbing services eliminate certain pain points and set your business apart from other plumbing companies. In addition, you can publish how-to guides on contacting your plumbing services to diagnose a plumbing issue.

12. Whitepapers

A detailed whitepaper is one of the most crucial elements to include in your next plumbing ad. In this whitepaper, you must do more than just pitch your services. This document needs to explain to the reader how your services can ease their worries.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few plumbing whitepaper topics to get inspired:

  • Hydronic systems vs. variable refrigerant flow (VRF)
  • How we eliminate lead from water
  • How to determine if water is hard
  • Guidance for the disinfection of building water systems using the International Plumbing Code

13. Email Marketing

Lastly, email marketing is a step you cannot miss in your next plumbing ad campaign. After utilizing social media to gather customers’ emails, make sure your emails are worth reading. Most customers send an email to spam without even reading it. So, be sure that your subject lines are compelling and eye-catching.

A great way to capture the reader’s attention with just the subject line is by including a discount in the first few words. For example: “Get 30% off your next drain cleaning!” or “Book a new service & earn reward points.”

More importantly, you must ensure the email platform doesn’t automatically send your email to spam. You can avoid this by excluding one-word subject lines, spelling errors, and multiple exclamation points from your emails.

Personalizing the email is another way to get the customer’s attention. For example, including their name in the subject line or talking about their prior experience with your company will help build customer trust and encourage the reader to read your email to the end.

Grow Your Plumbing Business With These Lead-Generating Campaigns

Other than these 13 plumber marketing ideas, you may also utilize Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads. It can be challenging to gather a loyal customer base for a service-based business such as plumbing, but it’s not impossible.

By implementing these plumbing marketing strategies in your next campaign, you can become the go-to option for a wide audience whenever they experience a plumbing mishap.

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