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Your HVAC Contractor Marketing Plan

HVAC marketing
Casey Shull

If you want to achieve your business goals as an HVAC contractor, it’s essential that you consider the most effective avenues toward success. One way is through a strong marketing strategy. — especially one that incorporates both HVAC digital marketing and traditional marketing tactics.

HVAC Contractor Marketing

HVAC contractor marketing is the process of creating a winning HVAC marketing strategy that clearly outlines steps that — when executed thoughtfully — can result in increased brand awareness, more conversions, status as an HVAC industry thought leader, improved customer loyalty, and more.

In this blog, we provide a template for HVAC contractor marketing — this template will give you a variety of HVAC marketing ideas sure to help you achieve your unique goals. We’ve outlined the plan for you and completed its sections with common examples of HVAC goals, channels, and more. Feel free to adjust section inputs to suit your HVAC company’s plan or use the template as is.

HVAC Contractor Marketing Plan

  1. Executive summary
  2. Buyer personas
  3. SMART goals
  4. Marketing channels
  5. HVAC marketing software
  6. Marketing plan analysis

1. HVAC Contractor Marketing: Executive Summary

Summary of Overall Business Plan

  • Mission and values: Our HVAC company seeks to provide the highest-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to our local customers to resolve their challenges in an efficient manner that delights them. We value professional customer service, a deep level of HVAC expertise and knowledge from our service representatives, and happy customers. We also greatly value our repeat customers, who serve as our brand advocates.
  • Competitive analysis and advantage: Our competitive advantage sits in two distinct categories: 1) Our attentive, professional, respectful, and knowledgable service representatives who support our customer's needs efficiently and effectively, and 2) our target area of service.
  • HVAC services we offer: We install and service heating and A/C systems, hot water tanks, and cleaning ducts, provide regular service and maintenance to HVAC systems and resolve unplanned problems related to HVAC systems.
  • Business goals for this fiscal year: 1) Increase business within our main service area of Brooklyn Heights and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and 2) increase brand awareness.
  • Marketing budget: We will spend ~6% of last year’s gross revenue on our marketing budget.

2. HVAC Contractor Marketing: Buyer Personas

Identify and create a customer persona (or buyer persona) for our business. Develop an in-depth look at who our target audience members are, why they come to us for service, and how we can meet and exceed their expectations.

As the business grows and we broaden our base of customers and, potentially, our list of services, we can use the following persona as a template to help us create several other buyer personas.

3. HVAC Contractor Marketing: SMART Goals

Write SMART goals (which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) to explain exactly how the HVAC contractor marketing plan will contribute to our overall business goals.


Increase business within Brooklyn Heights and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn by 20% this fiscal year by investing in HVAC advertising techniques including paid ads.


Improve brand awareness for our local business among current and potential HVAC customers by investing in HVAC search engine optimization (SEO) on our website, establishing a social media presence, and building a list of email subscribers for our HVAC blog.

4. HVAC Contractor Marketing: Channels

We will use a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels to help us achieve the two SMART goals we set for our HVAC business.

HVAC Marketing Channels for SMART Goal 1

Google Ads

  • Use Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) to reach more prospects and customers who are searching YouTube, Google Search, and the web for a service like ours. We can set a budget for Google Ads and adjust it at any time.
  • Use Local Service Ads by Google to ensure our ads are visible to those in our geographical service area. We’ll appear on Google’s Local Services site when people are looking for an HVAC service similar to ours.


  • Establish an HVAC pay-per-click (PPC) strategy so we can share text—and image-based digital ads on search engines and websites with our audience. Due to the nature of these ads, we’ll pay a fee when an interested audience member clicks our ad.

HVAC Marketing Channels for SMART Goal 2


  • Focus on search engine optimization by identifying the right keywords and phrases to include in our content and across our website to appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when locals are looking for a company like ours.
  • Create a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) as part of the local SEO strategy to be seen as a reputable local HVAC company when people in our geographic area are searching for an HVAC company. Respond to Google Reviews, which appear as part of the Google Business profile, and share details about our contact information, hours of operation, and location on a map.
  • Ensure our HVAC website is accessible via mobile/ has a responsive website design.

Social Media

  • Use a mix of the competitive and buyer persona research conducted earlier, as well as develop an understanding of major social media platforms (including which ones we can realistically manage and maintain) to confidently select two platforms (Facebook and YouTube) to build a strong social media presence on.
  • Share paid social media ads on these platforms, including Facebook Ads, so our target audience on the platforms sees information about our service when they’re already active.

Email Marketing (Blog Subscription)

  • Start a blog subscription to share best practices, HVAC DIY tips, and information about our services. Send a list of new and/or relevant blogs to our subscribers once a month.
  • Maintain this subscriber list and aim to grow it over time by providing a sign-up form on our website’s “services” web page and the blog’s homepage.

5. HVAC Contractor Marketing: Marketing Software

Although there are many marketing tools available today, Scorpion offers marketing services specifically made for HVAC companies. Our team doesn’t need to be full of HVAC digital marketing experts to use and benefit from Scorpion — the tool also removes any potential need for us to have to work with a pricey digital marketing agency. Rather, it’s an easy self-serve software that gives us the ability to:

  • Host our search-engine-optimized HVAC website
  • Establish complete marketing campaigns
  • Run social media marketing campaigns
  • Track marketing metrics from multiple sources all through a single dashboard

6. HVAC Contractor Marketing: Analysis

We will analyze each part of our HVAC marketing plan to determine success. This will require us to review analytics dashboards to compare real data against the goals that we set and answer the following.

  • How did we fair against our goals and targets? Did we meet them? Did we fall short?
  • Which are our strongest areas when it comes to our marketing plan, and which are potential areas for improvement?
  • Which steps will we take to close gaps where we have them? Are there any A/B tests we can run to help us identify which marketing tactics work best among our target audience?

Create Your HVAC Contractor Marketing Plan

Your HVAC contractor marketing plan can help you improve brand awareness, convert leads, and retain more current customers. Use the template above, and don’t be afraid to alter it to customize it to your HVAC business, audience, and goals.

Learn how Scorpion can help you create a winning HVAC contractor marketing plan.

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