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Marketing Automation to Get Your HVAC Business Through the Heat of the Summer

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It’s going to be challenging this summer to find new HVAC customers without effective marketing. Your HVAC marketing is an essential element that helps drive your business operations. They determine how many service calls to conduct, how people perceive you, and even your profits for the year. 

But marketing has many moving parts that are difficult for one person to handle. Automation gives you the ability to control those moving parts rather than be controlled by them. You can boost the productivity and reach of your HVAC marketing with the tools you already have by implementing automation. 

Why Does Marketing Automation Matter? 

The customer journey isn’t always a linear process. Before a potential customer actually schedules an appointment with your HVAC business, they must go through the many marketing touchpoints, such as:

  • Finding your website

  • Viewing your ads on Google or other search engines

  • Browsing your social media posts 

  • Signing up to take part in your email campaign

Each of these touchpoints must be considered when creating a cohesive digital marketing strategy for your HVAC business. However, business owners simply don’t have the mental bandwidth to run a company and, at the same time, generate HVAC marketing ideas and effectively execute them. HVAC marketing automation provides a convenient solution to this problem, allowing you to do more using the same tools you already have. 

Automating your marketing gives you centralized control over all your future marketing initiatives. You can reach a wider audience and experiment with new marketing tactics without ever getting bogged down in busywork. This kind of flexibility increases your competitive edge in the fast-moving HVAC industry. 

Automation Best Practices

Automating your HVAC marketing is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into it. Take some time to define your goals, evaluate your HVAC marketing strategies, and identify the marketing automation tools you need to employ. Conduct market research to learn what kinds of HVAC marketing your customers would most likely respond to. 

For instance, you can create a buyer persona for a typical HVAC customer. Suppose your target customers are middle-aged homeowners concerned about energy costs and home repair. They’re often on a tight budget, so cost-saving measures and promotions appeal to them. 

You might not realize it, but these are all programmable variables you can integrate into your marketing automation. HVAC companies can use these detailed buyer personas to improve their email marketing strategies for a more successful campaign. Potential customers are more likely to respond to HVAC messaging that's more personal and relevant to them. 

With the right level of marketing automation, you can achieve the following: 

  • Improved customer retention

  • Higher conversion rates 

  • Increased business profits 

Automation doesn’t mean abandoning human relationships with your customers. With automation, you can focus more on high-value tasks, such as cultivating strong customer relationships that directly contribute to your HVAC company’s bottom line. Automating your mundane tasks is a win-win for all parties. 

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a time-honored digital marketing method that can also greatly benefit from automation. It allows HVAC companies to take a more hands-off approach to email marketing while retaining the same level of personalization that fosters customer engagement. For example, automation allows HVAC business owners to send routine email messages like welcome emails conveniently. 

As mentioned, personalization is central to email marketing. Nobody likes to read a general email that's not even relevant to them. To achieve email marketing success, you need to address your email to an individual instead of a group — imagine speaking directly to someone you know very well. 

However, this degree of customization in email marketing would usually take a great deal of time to achieve, but automation simplifies the process by utilizing your customer data. Email marketing automation involves: 

  • Setting up customizable emails to be sent when a customer takes a specific action, such as making a purchase

  • Tailoring your email content marketing processes according to criteria, such as customer location, so you can easily send emails in bulk

  • Creating and sending a series of automated emails with educational content to guide email subscribers further along your sales funnel

All this and more is achievable with relatively inexpensive toolkits. Software like Adobe Campaign, for example, can make conducting readily customizable email campaigns simple and affordable. These tools often give you the ability to predict how your HVAC marketing initiatives will perform in the future.

Automation in Social Media Marketing

With most of the world's population being on social media, your company must maintain a strong presence there to stay competitive in the HVAC industry. However, operating multiple social media accounts daily requires a huge amount of manual labor, time, and money. For example, tasks like responding to customer questions could easily eat into your time, and you never get anything else done. 

Enter automation. Tools that automate social media marketing make the entire process easier, from interacting with new followers to optimizing your social media posts. With social media automation, you'd be able to: 

  • Schedule social media postings around the clock to ensure you're posting at peak times when your target audience is most likely to see them

  • Manage routine customer service tasks to free up your employees for more high-value tasks

  • Simplify data collection and report generation to analyze patterns in customer interactions

Rather than overseeing every social media marketing task, you can take advantage of automation tools to make the process less labor-intensive and cost-prohibitive. You only need to input the right variables to create a fully functioning, self-operating social media campaign. 

Campaign Management Automation

Marketing campaigns without proper planning and execution are guaranteed to fail. However tempting it may be to just “wing it,” you're only wasting valuable resources like time and money. HVAC marketing teams need to develop robust, actionable plans for their campaigns — and automation can assist them along the way. 

Data mining is vital to your marketing. Each customer interaction leaves a digital footprint, allowing you to see and identify patterns. Automation enables predictive analytics that gives you valuable insights from these patterns and predicts future results. This helps inform your marketing decisions to drive long-term benefits.

Automated data collection can help your HVAC business by: 

  • Predicting when common HVAC fixtures are likely to malfunction and share appropriate messaging at those times 

  • Identifying some of the most common safety issues so you can educate your customers about accident prevention and safety measures

  • Tracking energy usage by HVAC appliances over time to create an optimized maintenance strategy and market it to your audience

Even if you have an entire team dedicated to data collection and analysis, the amount of data you need to go through can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. But with an automated solution, generating product insights with a high level of detail can be easy. This new level of accuracy and precision was unheard of by HVAC companies just a few years ago. 

Just think about how much power your marketing campaigns gain with automated data collection. So much marketing money is lost to incomplete customer data, but your HVAC company can avoid this by using automation in your data collection. With automation, you'll have better control of your marketing campaign.

Using Automation to Test Your Marketing

Your HVAC company probably has a huge digital presence, from Google Business profiles to multiple social media accounts. But whether you rely on organic marketing or local service ads on search engines, you need to test how your digital marketing performs. Testing gives you a better understanding of different marketing methods, helping you decide which to keep and which to throw away. 

Let’s say you want to know which of the two email marketing strategies is better. Each has unique variable sets that you sourced from data mining. A/B split testing gives you a detailed view of their performance in different customer brackets. But performing A/B testing repeatedly can quickly drain your resources. So, why not automate A/B testing as well? 

Automation allows you to easily track, analyze, and compare data from two or more marketing campaigns. Your marketing automation software can track conversion rates and click-through rates without difficulty. By leveraging automation, testing marketing campaigns is now quick and cost-effective. 

Marketing Automation Is the Future for HVAC 

Small businesses must prioritize implementing measures that improve efficiency and reduce business costs. Marketing automation offers that and more — it revolutionizes how HVAC companies conduct their marketing. 

Automation allows your HVAC company to achieve difficult marketing goals without increasing the size of your marketing team. It helps you deliver more accurate customer messaging, elevate customer satisfaction, and increase your bottom line in the process. By automating every part of your marketing and local SEO campaigns, you can drive sales to your business at a level previously unheard of. 

But doing this successfully means having a team of marketing professionals who can help integrate automation into your business. Scorpion's expertise includes using automation effectively to nurture new leads and build productive, long-lasting relationships with each one of your customers. Get in touch with us today to start building a customized marketing automation process of your own.