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5 Expert Marketing Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow

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Casey Shull

During Small Business Month, and the rest of the year, your time, energy, and focus are on building your small business. To help celebrate and support you, the experts at Scorpion have assembled five of our best marketing strategy tips to utilize as you work to reach your growth goals.

Keep your brand consistent throughout your marketing channels

Brand creation is one of the first steps you took when you developed your business. Not only is it the look of your business (logo, name, colors, imagery, etc), but it’s also how people differentiate you from your competitors, also known as brand recognition.

Brand recognition takes time to develop, but is vital to small business success. However, to ensure maximum success, your branding should be consistent across all your marketing channels. That means your website, ads (both offline and online), social media profiles, and search engine profiles.

Not to mention that your employees and the services you provide should also be consistent with your brand. You can’t tout being the friendliest electrician in your marketing if your employees aren’t living it.


Give your website extra attention

For almost every business (small or large), the website is the first interaction a customer will have with the product or services. It’s your first impression, and remember, you only get just one. Keep your website top-notch by designing with a mobile-first mindset, posting content consistently, and optimizing for search engines.


Consider digital ad spending

Digital advertising is one of the strongest ways to get your business front and center of the people who need/want what you’re offering. Digital ads allow you to only target specific geographic locations while being cost effective.

Types of digital advertising platforms include pay-per-click ads, social media ads, display banners, and native ads. If you have already allocated a portion of your marketing budget to go toward ad spend, it might be the right time to get started to grow.


Focus on search engine optimization

The two most important ways to grow your business through online discovery is your website and SEO. Without a high-quality website, your would-be customers are going to turn elsewhere, but even with a top-notch site, if no one ever sees it, it won’t matter what it looks like.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a critical part of any marketing strategy. SEO helps drive traffic to your site, increases your rankings in search engine result pages, and helps customers organically find you when they search for businesses like yours. Tools like Google My Business allow you to create a business profile, making it easy for customers to connect with you in your area.


Don’t ignore the power of social media

No matter what your business, be it plumbing, cosmetic dentistry, or a criminal defense attorney, there’s space for you on social media, and that’s where your customers are.

In order to make your efforts count, first, make sure you know who your target audience is. That’s where customer research comes into play. Figure out where your customers operate on social media, such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc, and build a presence there. A business platform on social media allows customers to get to know your business on a personal level, and the more they see your name and logo, the more brand awareness and trust you will build with your audience.


As you strategize on how you can help your small business grow, keep in mind the marketing team at Scorpion is willing and ready to lend a hand.