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Are There More Wheels or Doors in the World?

Jeep with wheels and doors in a garage
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Rebecca Riserbato

If you’ve seen the latest internet trend, you know people are debating whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. When I first saw this question posed, I began to wonder (a la Carrie Bradshaw), as a home services marketing strategist, what would our readers think? And what would our team at Scorpion think?

Over here, our team is fairly split. Some people are firmly on team wheels, some on team doors, and plenty of others didn’t know about the trending question. But once we clued everyone in on the meme that’s been the latest trend online, we had a good debate.

@latelateshow #LateLateShow argues if there are more doors or wheels in the world & it gets HEATED 🔥 #doorsvswheels #wheelsvsdoors ♬ original sound - The Late Late Show


Think about it: if you own a home services business, you might have 100 trucks with techs going out every day. Those trucks, if they have 4 doors, might end up canceling each other out because there are 4 doors (including the back doors) and 4 wheels. If you think about your office building, you might begin to lean toward team doors since there are lots of doors, but no wheels. However, think again. Do any of your chairs have wheels?

For example, the office I’m sitting in right now has 3 doors. One to the patio, one to enter, and one fridge door. But there are 10 chairs with 5 wheels each, at 50 wheels. Then, take into account that not all cars have 4 doors, but at least 4 wheels, if not more. (If you can’t tell, I’m firmly on team wheels.)

On the other hand, as a home services professional, you enter a lot of homes and encounter plenty of doors in your day. Probably more than wheels. So you might be team doors.

Regardless, I think those of us in home services have the best insight. But obviously, the answer is wheels.