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Marketing Strategies for Remodeling Businesses

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Casey Shull

Success in the remodeling industry relies on strategic, fine-tuned marketing. Casting a wide net and hoping for the best isn't sufficient, especially with a tight marketing budget – that approach can be self-destructive. Instead, consider what your ideal customers seek and how you can fulfill those needs.

Here are three effective marketing strategies for remodeling companies to kickstart your efforts:

Utilize Seasonal Promotions to Enhance Remodeling Service Offerings

People often consider remodeling at specific times of the year. As a professional remodeler, seize the seasonal spending surge to attract potential customers away from your competition with targeted promotions.

Special discounts or holiday bundles

Offering discounts or bundle packages during holidays, tailoring services to outdoor enthusiasts in the summer, and providing spring cleaning-themed services in March can be effective.

Take advantage of the seasons

Implementing this strategy effectively requires closely following homeowners' changing interests. The success of these campaigns depends on their flexibility and ability to adapt to the times, keeping your remodeling business relevant and visible to your most interested customers throughout the year.

Harness Video Marketing as a Tool for Remodeling Businesses

Remodeling is a business centered around aesthetics. While written content is valuable in content marketing, incorporating strong video marketing into your campaigns allows your target audience to see and appreciate the work you do.

Strong video marketing

Strong video marketing includes finding the right length for each subject, optimizing content for online video platforms, and maintaining consistency with your brand.

Keep it real

Authenticity plays a significant role in successful video marketing – people respond well to sincere and heartfelt content. Highlighting your business accomplishments in videos, such as featuring the latest successfully remodeled house, can be impactful.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Remodeling Marketing

Social media is an indispensable tool for remodeling companies. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a massive user base with potential leads.

Effective social media campaigns

To use social media effectively for business growth, focus on visual storytelling, turning social media into a two-way street, and implementing highly targeted ad campaigns.

Know your audience

When implementing a strong social media remodeling strategy, stay informed about the latest marketing trends and perhaps monitor competitors to adapt your campaigns accordingly. In other words, make sure your posts are relevant to your audience. They won’t care about trendy videos if they don’t showcase your business or align with your brand. A professional marketing team like Scorpion can be a valuable asset, conducting market research and guiding you through the results.

Take a Holistic Approach With Scorpion

Marketing strategies for remodeling businesses vary by area and target audience. At Scorpion, we can help you develop customized marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience in your area. Get started by reaching out to a Scorpion representative today.

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