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How to Manage Your Leads: Everything You Need to Know For Home Services

How to Manage Your Home Services Leads
Lead Management

For your home services business to grow in size and revenue, you must consistently bring in new and high-quality leads. But it’s not enough to simply attract these leads — you must also manage them in order to make them want to become paying and loyal customers of your home services business.

Lead Management

To manage your home services leads, you must support prospects throughout each stage of the sales funnel and provide them with the information that they need to help them navigate towards a conversion. Continue reading this blog to understand how you can manage your HVAC leads, roofing leads, plumbing leads, electrician leads, or pest control leads.

What is lead management?

Lead management, or sales lead management, is the process of understanding where your quality leads and prospects are in the sales process, or sales pipeline, and then guiding them toward becoming a customer of your home services business. The lead management process often includes the use of lead management or tracking software to automate processes including lead tracking, personalization, and segmentation.

Why is it important to manage your leads for home services?

By managing your leads, your home services business will be able to optimize every part of the lead management process.


This includes:

  • Lead generation: Identify new qualified leads — including outbound and inbound leads — for your business.

  • Lead qualification: Identify which leads are quality/most likely to become clients so your business can nurture those qualified leads to save time and increase ROI.

  • Lead distribution: Distribute qualified leads across your marketing team members and sales representatives — these individuals will support and move the leads down funnel.

  • Lead nurture: Build strong relationships with each prospect throughout every point of the buyer’s journey so they decide to convert into a paying customer.


By optimizing lead management, your home services business will improve efficiency across the sales funnel. Your team will be able to hone in on only potential customers who are qualified and likely to become customers, and then nurture them to prove the value of becoming a client.

How to Manage Leads for Your Home Services Business

Whether your home services business is looking to manage HVAC leads, roofing leads, plumbing leads, electrician leads, or pest control leads, your team will benefit from the use of a lead management tool and/or a CRM.

Lead Management Software

Lead management tools for home services help your business with all aspects of the lead management process. They include tools and features that will help your home services business manage HVAC leads, roofing leads, plumbing leads, electrician leads, and pest control leads. Depending on the management system you use, you may have access to information about lead sources, lead tracking for the sales funnel, tools that identify qualified and unqualified leads, and more.


Existing marketing and sales tools used by your home services business may also include lead management features. For example, if your home services business uses a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you’ll likely have access to marketing automation and contact management.


Here are a few examples of commonly-used lead management tools and CRMs that your home services company may choose to use.

1. Salesforce Lead Management

The Salesforce Lead Management tool is part of the Salesforce CRM. The lead management feature allows your home services business to track all information about your leads such as their contact information or which marketing campaign a lead came from.


Set up lead scoring and routing so your HVAC leads, roofing leads, plumbing leads, electrician leads, or pest control leads are guided to the right sales team member. With Salesforce, lead nurture is also made easy — send email marketing campaigns to qualified leads and stay in touch with those prospects to push them through the sales funnel.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM comes with several lead management features including lead generation and lead conversion. It helps your home services company move leads through the customer journey through personalized communication and nurture paths. Use templates to place lead generation forms on your website, automate scoring and distribution, and nurture your leads via multiple channels at once all through a single platform.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM includes Sales Hub (an ideal tool for Sales teams) and Marketing Hub (an ideal tool for Marketing teams). The CRM offers lead management tools including Lead Management and Tracking Software. You can manage, track, and score your lead records through a single database. View past communications with your leads, segment them, and ensure lead distribution is streamlined and easy. Engage your qualified leads automatically from within the HubSpot CRM and use templates to make nurture follow-up quick.

5. Scorpion Lead Management

Scorpion, a home services marketing tool, has a lead management system that provides you with external support to help you manage your leads. The platform allows your home services business to personalize outreach for all of your new qualified sales leads to quickly begin nurturing them.

Home Services Lead Management Examples

Next, let’s review some home services lead management examples.

1. Electrician Lead Management Example: Lead Generation

Your electrical business can generate leads through your blog. For example, on a blog post about electrical DIY tips, add a call-to-action (CTA) button towards the bottom of the blog that says “Want to get in touch?” and then hyperlink to your contact form or online appointment scheduler. The leads who click through and then contact your electrical business are likely to convert into customers since they are highly interested in learning more about your electrical service offerings.

2. HVAC Lead Management Example: Lead Generation

Create Google Ads for your HVAC business to help you generate local leads. When individuals who are located in your geographic service area search for local HVAC businesses, your company’s ad appears at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). As a result, you’ll increase the likelihood of users clicking your ad to learn more about your business and booking an appointment for an HVAC service.

3. Plumbing Lead Management Example: Lead Qualification

Once your plumbing leads are generated, determine whether they’re qualified or unqualified leads. Do this manually or automatically — if you do it automatically, set criteria to define a qualified lead for your particular plumbing business.


Then, your CRM, sales software, or marketing software will segment your leads for you and notify your team of your plumbing marketing leads (i.e., leads who want and would benefit from marketing content) and plumbing sales leads (i.e., leads who want and would benefit from a call with one of your plumbing reps).

4. Roofing Lead Management Example: Lead Distribution

To ensure your new qualified roofing lead is assigned to an appropriate marketing or sales representative, use lead distribution. Although you can manually distribute your roofing leads, you can simplify this process through lead distribution automation. Most sales tools and CRMs will come with this feature.


For example, use Salesforce to automatically assign your new qualified leads to reps with the platform’s rules-based routing. This allows you to assign roofing leads to your reps based on factors like whether they’re a marketing or sales-qualified lead as well s their location, roofing challenges, and more.

5. Pest Control Lead Management Example: Lead Nurture

Once a lead has been assigned to a rep, it’s time to begin the nurturing process. That rep must communicate with the lead to build trust — trust should exist between the lead and rep as well as the lead and your pest control business.


This comes from personalized communication, the sharing of relevant knowledge and information, as well as consistent conversations to ensure your company remains top of mind. The nurture process continues even after a sale/the lead converts into a paying pest control client to keep the door open for future sales opportunities as well as stellar customer reviews.

Manage Leads for Your Home Services Business

Learn how to manage your leads for your home services business to effectively guide them through the buyer’s journey. As a result, you’ll have several qualified leads who are nurtured and ready to become paying clients.


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