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General Contractors

As a general contractor, your business’ survival depends on leads. As the leading home services marketing in the U.S., Scorpion understands this. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses whose bottom line rested on the amount of leads they got that month. Since 2001, Scorpion has been at the forefront of using Internet marketing to win our clients the calls they need; as a result, we have generated over 1 million leads for our clients. When you work with us, you will know exactly what we accomplish for you every month: how many calls, how many clicks, how many quality leads, and how many paying customers our efforts brought to your door. We accomplish all these things through our powerful suite of services, and we’re excited to put them to work for you. Call to learn more.

The Answer to Online Success

Scorpion has been successful at what we do because we don’t settle for mediocrity. With our proven suite of services, we can help you drive leads and grow revenue like nothing you've ever tried before! Our services are designed and proven to get you quality leads that are profitable for your contracting business.

Just some of the services that we provide include the following:


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