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Retargeting Ad Fundamentals for Home Service Businesses


When a potential home services customer visits your website for the first time, chances are good that they have a home services need you can help fix. Whether you’re in the business of plumbing, electrical, painting, or any other home service, consumers can often spend days or even weeks researching companies before making a decision.

While consumers are looking into your competitors online, your home services brand can be quickly pushed to the back of their minds. One of the most effective ways to keep your brand in front of your potential customers is through retargeting ads. Our home services clients have experienced tremendous success and increased closing rates through our effective retargeting strategies.

What Are Retargeting Ads?

The principle of retargeting ads is pretty simple: After a customer leaves your site, advertisements for your home service business will populate on other websites. We can effectively control where your advertisements appear by choosing to display ads for your plumbing company, for example, only on websites related to plumbing or home improvement. Alternatively, you can choose to diversify your ads on several platforms to greatly increase your brand visibility. Our home services marketing experts at Scorpion can develop an effective retargeting strategy for your business.

A comScore study found a 726% increase in site visitation within 4 weeks of retargeted ad exposure. That’s not a typo. We triple-checked.

How Effective Are Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting ads are one of, if not the, most effective ways to convert website visitors into actual clients. They key to success when using these ads is relevance. If a customer has visited your website, chances are good that they are interested in a service you offer. According to research compiled by Wishpond, visitors who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to result in a conversion. While they may still research your competitors, keeping your business in front of your customers is an extremely effective way to get more leads and sign up more clients.

The average click rate of retargeted ads is 10 times greater than regular display ads.

Don’t Let Your Business Be Forgettable!

The quality of your work, your years of experience, and any other selling points won’t help you sign up new clients if customers forget about your business. A study from GE Capital found that 81% of consumers do online research before making purchases of $500 or more. Maintain and grow your company’s visibility through retargeting offers to entice viewers to call your business and not your competition.

Call our home services marketing experts today at (866) 332-3230.