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How to Tackle Your Home Services PPC Campaign Like a Pro Athlete


Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a lot like professional sports. You have to have a solid game plan if you want to get the win! Use the tips below to learn how you can use the pro sports tactics to gain a competitive advantage in your home service business’ PPC campaign. But first…

Here’s how PPC works: when a person searches for one of the keywords you have selected for your PPC campaign, your ad appears in a visibly prominent place on the search engine results page. If the individual clicks on your ad, he or she gets directed to a specific page on your website. You only pay based on the number of actual clicks, rather than the number of times your ad is viewed. When used effectively, PPC can drive more traffic to your website and get you more jobs and sales.

Looking at your PPC campaign from a sports perspective can help you step up your game and get things done. Here are 5 pointers…

1. Study Your Opponent

You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t know your competition. Good teams take the time to review tapes, study plays, and understand the other team’s strengths and weaknesses. You should be doing the same for your PPC ad campaign! Now is the time to determine who your largest competitors are and study their ads so you can create an even stronger PPC campaign.

2. Cover Your Bases

Winning teams have winning playbooks. They are able to analyze and pick the plays that will make the most impact, leveraging their strengths while also anticipating the opposition’s strategies. With PPC, you can gain a competitive edge by having the right strategy. Your campaign should target keywords that are relevant to your target audience. You can also use negative keywords to avoid having your ads come up when certain words are entered into search engines. You must understand your demographics and know what your customers want in order to successfully rise to the challenge.

3. The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Defense, defense, defense! You can have the best offense in the leagues, but that won’t get you far if you have a weak defense. With PPC, your campaign will only succeed if all of its components are working together. If you notice your PPC ads aren’t getting you the results you want, try to find the weak points in your campaign and make the necessary adjustments. This may require you to adjust your keywords, ad groups, audience, location targeting, budget, bids, etc.

4. Play Your Position & Play It Well

In many sports, each player is given specific position based on his or her talents. In your PPC campaign, you should play your position and play it well! This means showcasing what your company is best at and what perks you have to offer. Do your pest control technicians have special certifications? Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? You can highlight these power points in your ad and on your landing page!

5. Play to Win

If you want to come out of the game a winner, you have to give it your all. Your PPC campaigns must be the best – in content, design, and searchability. Your ad text much be catchy but clear, your design must be must grab the viewer’s attention, and your ad must use the strongest keywords possible so your ad will show up in the right searches.

Why Are PPC Ads Effective For Home Services Businesses?

PPC ads can be very effective for a number of reasons: they work well with small budgets, they work well with specific targets and demographics, and they can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. In addition to that, this paid search advertising model makes it easy for you to keep track of how many people are interacting with your ad.

As a business owner, using the right website marketing tools to drive customers your way is key. Once you begin thinking like a pro athlete, you’ll start recognizing the opportunities for staying ahead of your competition.

To learn how to get greater returns from online marketing strategies such as PPC, check out our free guide on ROI tracking.