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What Makes Customers Look for Another Vendor?


When Your Competition’s Customers Are Searching for a New Vendor, Will Your Business Be Their Next Choice?

In a market consumed by digital media, home service business owners who offer quality services may still struggle to thrive in their industries. Nowadays, it’s not just about the services you offer; it’s also about the marketing techniques you utilize to promote your services.

Without a solid Internet marketing campaign, the quality service you provide as a small business owner could go unnoticed, underappreciated… or both! This is especially true if competing vendors in the same industry have an established online platform and an effective digital marketing campaign.

When designing your website and writing content, keep in mind the factors that encourage customers to look for another vendor. Your goal is to retain your current customer base and make your competition’s customers switch to your services.

To ensure your website caters to your current customers AND attracts new clientele that may be looking to change their home service provider, keep these decision-influencers in mind.

Customer Service – Offline and Online – is Key

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “the customer is always right,” you know that customer service is crucial to the success of any business owner, no matter the industry. And customer service extends beyond the jobs you do and the work you provide. It now also includes the experience people have on your website.

The most common reason people leave one vendor for another is dissatisfaction. And when they leave, they’ll very likely turn to a search engine like Google to find a new home services vendor for the job. How your website presents your business at this time is critical. The customer has already expressed dissatisfaction elsewhere…now is not the time to land on another “disappointing” website.

A strong website will convey your business model and dedication to customer service as effectively as if you were speaking to a potential customer in person. Ways to establish authority and build credibility on your website with new and existing customers include:

  • Regularly blogging about industry-related topics
  • Including your business philosophy somewhere on your website
  • Being active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where people can see what your business is up to, i.e. current promotions, recent charity events, etc.

Overall, you need to show that your company is legitimate if you want to win over customers that have been disappointed by other vendors. A good website will establish a relationship of trust between you and the visitor, and it will do so in a way that compels the person to call your office to schedule a service.

Money Matters – And It Always Will

Customers want the most bang for their buck, and they’re quick to abandon vendors they feel may be overcharging and under-delivering. The second a potential customer leaves one vendor and begins to look for another, you’ll have the opportunity to win their business. And you don’t necessarily have to offer a service that’s significantly cheaper than what they were paying before.

The key to attracting customers who were unhappy with the cost of their last vendor is to unequivocally show the value of your services. This doesn’t necessarily mean dropping your prices. It means you must prove your value by showing that what they’ll get with you far exceeds what they got from your competition. Again, your website is a great way to make this distinction.

To attract these customers, you must prove that they get what they pay for. If the customer believes your business' services are a better value, they’ll be much more likely to make the investment – even if your services aren’t much cheaper (or any cheaper) than what they were paying before. How can you convey this message on your website?

  • Include before and after pictures to show exactly what your customers get when they choose your services
  • Link to online review platforms that showcase satisfied testimonials from past customers
  • Offer special promotions to get them in the door – you might even want to consider offering coupons that can only be accessed online
  • Establish your business as a leader in the industry and customers will be willing to pay higher prices for your services.

How to Get More of the Customers You Want

In a market as competitive as yours, you can’t afford to lose customers to another vendor – even if the customer didn’t start with your business originally. Attracting, winning, and maintaining customers is a full-time job, and it’s one we can help you with at Scorpion Home Services.

If your phones are NOT ringing as often as you’d like and / or you’re not getting the types of leads you want, it’s time to call the marketing professionals at our firm. Contact us today at (888)-546-7123.