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Winters Home Services

Winters Home Services is a plumbing, heating and cooling business operating in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With a desire to reduce their marketing cost, gain greater transparency in their marketing data, and attain a higher quality of leads, owner Timothy Flynn, decided it was time for a change.

  • Client Industry Home Services
  • Challenge Poor lead quality, lack of transparency in marketing
  • Location Cambridge, MA

The Challenge

Poor Lead Quality & A Lack of Transparency in Marketing Data

“Trust but verify.”

That was the mantra of Tim Flynn—owner of Winters Home Services in Cambridge, Massachusetts—after 23 years of hearing a lot of “big talk” from marketers.

For Tim, trust came with verification. Marketers could only win his trust when they could prove their ability to deliver quality leads that turned into calls, customers, and dollars.

The problem was actually finding a marketer he could trust.

A marketer that understood his plumbing and HVAC business didn’t care about clicks and website traffic, only dollars and cents.


The Solution

Improved Their Lead Quality

Tim dramatically reduced his volume of poor leads and unproductive phone calls. His average cost per lead went down, and his lead-to-customer ratio went up, creating a better ROI for his business.

Introduced a New Lead Tracking System

Using Scorpion’s marketing dashboard, Tim could see exactly where his new leads were coming from, how much those new leads cost to acquire, and how much money he was earning from those leads. That kind of clarity gave Tim insight he’d never experienced working with any other marketer.

Established a New Paid Search Strategy

A new paid search strategy allowed Tim to talk directly with potential customers who were an ideal fit for Winters Home Services, and avoid phone calls from potential customers who weren’t.


The Outcome

175% Increase in Average Sales
  • Increase in Average Sales 175%
  • Decrease in Marketing Costs 53%
  • Conversion Rate 82%

Within nine months, Winters Home Services increased their average sale by 175%, had 82% of their leads turning to calls, and were able to cut their marketing budget by 53%, putting big-time dollars back into Tim’s pocket.

Thanks to those increases in earnings and savings, Tim was able to bring more confidence and stability to his business than at any point in its 23-year history.


Client Testimonial

“Scorpion is the first company not to feed me lines. When I need you to do something, you do it. You guys are taking money off the budget. My budget used to be more than double what it is now, and the leads were terrible. Now we’ve halved that cost, and we’re good.” Tim Flynn - Owner of Winters Home Services

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