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Miracle Plumbing, LLC is a family-owned and -operated plumbing company in Clearwater, Florida. Co-owners Cesar and Tiffanie Gomez wanted to generate more calls from the Internet and grow their business, but after being burned by multiple marketing companies, they weren’t sure who to trust. Find out how they were able to triple their revenue...

  • Client Industry: Plumbing
  • Challenge: Finding a marketing partner that could deliver quality calls
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
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The Challenge

After a year of running Miracle Plumbing, LLC on word of mouth and a single-page, build-it-yourself GoDaddy website, Cesar and Tiffanie Gomez (a husband-and-wife team) decided it was time to ramp up their online marketing so they could grow their Clearwater, Florida plumbing business.

They hired a marketing company to build them a new website—but their investment quickly fell flat...

Miracle Plumbing was barely getting calls, and the calls they DID receive were from the wrong types of customers, or they were for jobs that simply weren’t worth their time.

So, Cesar and Tiffanie tried another marketing company...and then another. They got the same bad results every time.

Running out of options (and money), Cesar and Tiffanie decided to give it one more shot, hiring a new marketing company on one condition—they had THREE months to prove themselves valuable or they were out.

Fortunately, the new company followed through on their promises—Cesar and Tiffanie FINALLY found a marketing company they could trust to deliver real results.

“With our old marketing companies, we were struggling to break even on our costs each month. After wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on bad marketing, it was hard to trust another company—but our new marketing partner blew it out of the water!”

—Tiffanie Gomez, Co-Owner, Miracle Plumbing, LLC

The Solution 
A professional-looking website instilling confidence in potential customers.  

“Our new team really attacked our marketing from all corners with a badass website. We’re constantly receiving compliments about how eye-catching and user-friendly the site is, and we’re getting a lot more organic traffic to our website than before.”

—Tiffanie Gomez, Co-Owner, Miracle Plumbing, LLC

Miracle Plumbing LLC's website on an iPad.

Smarter digital advertising boosting online exposure.

"Before, we were getting calls from out of our area or for the wrong types of services. Now, we’re getting GOOD leads and calls...and also we’re getting a better mix of calls—repipes, remodels, sewer repairs, etc. And another thing—we now get calls all day long instead of just at 4:30 in the afternoon when the ads are cheaper.”

—Tiffanie Gomez, Co-Owner, Miracle Plumbing, LLC

Miracle Plumbing LLC's services page on their website.

A proactive marketing team that makes life easier.

“The best thing about Scorpion is I don’t have to babysit my marketing company. My team always responds to my calls and emails within 10 minutes, so I never have to follow up with them. They even send helpful blogs and podcasts to keep us up-to-date on the latest marketing trends for our industry. They’re proactive instead of reactive, which frees me up to focus on other areas of the business.” 
—Tiffanie Gomez, Co-Owner, Miracle Plumbing, LLC

The Outcome

  • Revenue Growth in the 1st year 2X
  • Revenue growth in the 2nd year 3X
  • Calls turned away each week 15
  • average page ranking in search engines #1

Cesar and Tiffanie went from marketing that was burning a hole in their pocket to marketing that tripled their revenue, with even more revenue growth on the way.

And it’s all because they were willing to invest in the right marketing partner—a partner that proves its value month after month with more calls, more jobs, and more money.

And that partner is...

Hear from Tiffanie Gomez

"Scorpion isn’t the cheapest marketing company out there, but they’re worth every penny. Whatever you spend, you’re going to get it back many times over because Scorpion uses it to the fullest."

Tiffanie Gomez Co-Owner, Miracle Plumbing, LLC
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