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Lightning Bug Electric is a family-owned electrical services company in Marietta, Georgia. After doing his own marketing for over a decade, Tony (the company’s owner) decided to find a marketing partner who could take over, free up his time, and deliver better results. Find out how Tony ended up growing his business...

  • Main Service Area: Electrical
  • Challenge: Creating effective marketing without making it a full-time job
  • Location: Marietta, GA
The client's website on 3 mobile phones.

The Challenge

When Tony Blanca launched his electrical services company in Marietta, Georgia, he was more than just a business owner and electrician.

Tony was wearing a number of other hats, too:

Marketing Director, Website Developer, Advertising Manager, Senior Copy Editor, etc.

But there was one problem…

With marketing consuming all his energy, there wasn’t enough time to focus on running his company and growing his business.

So, he set out to find a partner that could deliver:

  1. A professional online presence to make his business stand out from the competition.
  2. A consistent flow of high-quality leads to keep his techs busy with jobs.
  3. More time and peace of mind.

“After launching our new online marketing, we got more calls and better leads. At times, we even had to turn people away because we were getting more work than our team could handle.”

Tony Blanca, President, Lightning Bug Electric

The Solution
A superior website positioning the business as #1 in its community.

“We wanted to dominate our area and become the #1 electrical service company local customers would call. Our website and overall online image has allowed us to do that.”

—Tony Blanca, President, Lightning Bug Electric

The client's website on an iPad.

A diversified marketing plan attracting customers from all over the Internet.

“Google pay-per-click advertising is the biggest game changer for our business. It has helped us get found by the right types of customers.”

Tony Blanca, President, Lightning Bug Electric
A screenshot of the client's website.

A dedicated team taking the stress out of marketing (and delivering better results). 

“Before, when we would get poor-quality leads, we didn’t really know what to do about it. But now when that happens, we have a team investigating the reason and making tweaks to our campaign so we can attract better leads in the future.”Tony Blanca, President, Lightning Bug Electric

The Outcome

  • Trucks & staff 2x
  • Increase in revenue Nearly 20%
  • Mobile Website visitors 66%

So who is the partner who helped Tony double the size of his company, increase revenue, and build a leading reputation in his local community?


Tony says Scorpion isn’t just a company that delivers marketing services, but a partner he can trust to give his business the same level of care and attention he does.

Tony Blanca in His Own Words

"We saw the biggest increase we’ve EVER HAD in our business after switching to our new marketing partner."

Tony Blanca President, Lightning Bug Electric
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